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Restoran Shinyeh hidangan khas Taiwan (Resto pertama) 欣葉台菜(創始店)

Titik jangkar
No. 34-1, Shuang Cheng St., Distrik Zhongshan, Kota Taipei Taiwán, R.O.C


Aroma masakan khas Taiwan yang esensial, dikombinasi dengan konsep dan tips baru, serta dengan cara yang sehat dan cermat, menghidangkan masakan Taiwan yang memiliki unsur modern dan tradisional. Hidangan yang disediakan restoran ini merupakan menu yang paling dirindukan oleh para emigran Taiwan dan juga merupakan pilihan pertama yang ditunjuk oleh para turis Taiwan.

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  • 619jeffry

    Essendon, Australia

    Traditional food from new recipes


    In the not -too-distant past "Taiwanese food" was a misnomer. What people today call Taiwanese food was street food. What's more, it was common to disguise the fact that one was Taiwanese and spoke "ben di hua;" that is "local speech." Rich people ate rice; the Taiwanese ate sweet potatoes. In fact "sweet potato" was a byword for Taiwanese people. In the old days, you could buy roast potatoes on the street. This restaurant serves special food, that will come as a revelation to non-Taiwanese. It has taken street food and turned it into a unique cuisine; Shin Yeh has certainly deserved its Michelin honor.
  • AlexaJhong

    cozy and fancy


    This is a fancy restaurant serving traditional Taiwanese food. Fried rice is especially amazing. I went with my friend. Booth seating provides a semi-enclosed space that allows us to enjoy our private conversation.
  • 619jeffry

    Essendon, Australia

    Chinese cuisine, Taiwanese style


    Not long ago, this cuisine was regarded as Taiwanese street food. Now its gone upmarket, but it's still authentic Taiwanese food. We went with several friends and we really enjoyed it.
  • hoshinoouji

    宇和島市, 愛媛県



    台北、初日の夕食は外れないよう、“台湾屈指の名店”と評判の欣葉へ。スタッフはてきぱきして、挨拶も良く、心地良い雰囲気。味は繊細かつ上品な味わいで堪能しました。蟹おこわ(NT$850),豚バラ角煮小($180),揚海老マヨネーズ和え($410)他を二人で頂き、計$1782でした。再見‼ ※ホテルのコンシェルジュに予約を入れてもらいました。帰るとき満席でした。 ※クレジットカードのクーポンでデザート一品頂く。
  • brads153

    노스 밴쿠버, 캐나다

    Incredible views, excellent service, interesting beautifully presented food...


    I don't know what to say. The views were spectacular, the service couldn't have been better, the food looked beautiful...but would i go back? I was on a three week tour of southeast Asia with friends and one of them was celebrating a birthday. Lets dine on the top of Taipei 101! We all agreed. We arrived and it felt like we were going into a bank....many staff protocol check points before we arrived at the top restaurant floor. We were looking at a less expensive menu ,but decided that we wanted a table by the windows and took one of their top class prix fixe menu offering. The view was amazing. Worth the experience. So was the restaurant staff. The servers were excellent...kind, efficient and charming. The food? The food was beautifully presented, well executed, and featured a wide variety of ingredients and cooking styles. There were also so many dishes. They were all creative, well prepared, and interesting. I was just so happy to have authentic Taiwanese cuisine. Unfortunately, perhaps my palate is not used to the unique foods as the experience was not really what i thought it was going to be. This is not the fault of the restaurant. Taiwanese food reminded me a lot of traditional Japanese food to a degree, with deceptively simple preparation and seasoning. The best part of the birthday dinner was the thoughtful traditional sweet red bean buns that we had brought to us. Wonderful! Now the bill came to $446 for two of us, and while everything was as perfect as it could be, i left less than satisfied. its not the restaurant's fault...they did all they could. But the food taste for me was not what i was expecting. Overall, I would go to this restaurant if you want an authentic Taiwanese food experience, but learn about the traditional food before you go.

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