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불고기 술집 乾杯燒肉居酒屋(本店)

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+886-2-27517388 +886-2-27763460
대만타이베이 시다안 구돈화남로1단236항17호


신선한 고기구이와 취미를 결합시킨 곳으로 젊은이들이 즐겨찾는데 저녁 8시가 되면 들고 있는 맥주를 다 마신 경우 무료로 한 잔을 더 준다. 저녁 시간 술 한잔이 생각날때 안성맞춤이다.

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  • Haowei L



  • SilviaC6601



  • sidbusa

    Chicago, Illinois

    여행자 유형:

    De negocios

    Great Place to get true Taiwan feel


    I visited Taiwan for the first time and wanted to dive in to local traditions. We had a reservation and were seated into private room. All rooms mostly have doors you can close and enjoy the conversation. This is basically BBQ on the table. Great drinks and raw meats and veg. selection. Do get the hot sauce for the table.
  • Fenton C

    Hong Kong, China

    Great beef, a little pricy but totally enjoyable


    We had a reservation at 7, arrived on time and got seated immediately. Great menu selections but in fact some of the good beef was already sold out at 7. Anyway, there were still a lot of varieties on the menu. Sake selection was really limited, there's only like 3-4 to choose from. Anyway, we ordered lots of beef, and a 1.8 liter Sake. There were 5 of us and it's totally enjoyable. They serve Australia Wagyu, not the top quality but it's not bad for what you can find in Taiwan. service was good, wait staffs are all very attentive. Little pricy for Taiwan, it's all relative, what we paid are considered very cheap if this is Hong Kong or Japan. Will give it a 5 stars if they have a more comprehensive sake / drink menu....
  • MrTravisK

    Singapur, Singapur

    여행자 유형:

    Con amigos

    Top Notch Quality and Service


    The girlfriend and I hit this place up to treat ourselves to a nice dinner and as a welcome break from the Taiwanese street food we'd been gorging ourselves on over the past 2 days. Service was excellent right from the get-go, the wait staff were professional and knowledgeable about the menu and recommended the best items. We ordered the small wagyu set, as well as a nice thick cut of well marbled wagyu ribeye that was about 180 grams. The entire hunk of ribeye was brought out for us to choose a thickness, and that delicious choice steak was salted right in front of us, then placed appropriately close by for our appreciation. The food was amazing - the cuts of beef were grilled to perfection by our friendly and bubbly host Kelly, and needed no extra marinade or sauce. The steak was drop dead gorgeous once the flames had gussied it up, and to top it all off we ordered fresh plump oysters which were cooked on kelp, imparting a salty nori twinkle to the delicious oysters. We were also given a complimentary cup of sake each, which impressed us so much we got a bottle to go along with dinner. While not cheap, the price tag was well worth it due to the great quality if ingredients and incredibly attentive staff. Would return for sure.

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