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초밥 진열대 앞에 앉아 초밥을 싣고 온 기차에서 원하는 것을 가져다 먹는 것으로 미식과 재미를 결합시킨 일본식 초밥집이다. 일본식 실내장식으로 이국의 정취를 더했으며 서문정(시먼딩)에 위치해 많은 사람들이 찾는 곳이다.

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서비스 시설

  • 레스토랑


일~목 11:00-21:30,
금, 토요일 11:00-22:30,
휴일 :섣달 그믐

교통 정보

인근 MRT 역

G 쑹산-신뎬 선 시먼

G 쑹산-신뎬 선 베이먼

R 단수이-신이 선 대만 대학 병원


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  • wang2383




    這是一間有火車頭噗噗開著的鐵軌軌道 – 日本迴轉壽司店。超級熱鬧的一樓,裝潢得相當有日式風味。深棕色的的木製吧台、燈籠、紙傘,還有一圈多台火車迴轉著的迴轉壽司道。客人聊天的聲音,店員點餐、做餐的身影,那氛圍真的相當日式,我好喜歡這樣的感覺!如果第一次來的人一定要坐一樓感受一下氣氛。
  • Happiness807042




  • jctw_travel



  • problorger

    Taipéi, Taiwán

    Overpriced, Low Quality and Poor Service


    2/5 Overall From the price, food quality and service, Da Che Lun Sushi 大車輪火車壽司 disappoints at all levels. You'll typically see a line out the door with people wanting to eat here. Don't trust the line. It's all other tourists. 2/5 Service: As soon as you sit down at Da Che Lun Sushi 大車輪火車壽司they hand you a menu and wait there for you to order. It felt rushed and they recommend their specials. The specials didn't look that good but we tried one anyway with disappointing results. 2/5 Scallops were overcooked and tasted like rubber. I wouldn't get it again 2/5 Chopsticks are cheap and had a lot of splints 3/5 Cheese croquettes were okay, but wouldn't get it again. 3/5 Sushi: The sushi is served with thick slices on a small ball of rice. No matter how you eat it, the sushi will collapse. It's too big for 1 bite. The sushi at Da Che Lun Sushi 大車輪火車壽司 was straight up fish and rice and you'll have to add the wasabi. 2/5 Shrimp roll special; it was one tempura shrimp in an egg wrap filled with mayonnaise and lettuce. It was edible but I didn't like it. It's too big to eat in 1 bite so it will also collapse when eating 3/5 Ambiance is fun and lively. The train is a fun touch, but the actual table eating space is very cramped. The restaurant is very tiny so when you go pay the bill you have to dodge everything and everyone. 2/5 Value: It's surprisingly very expensive at tourist prices in the Ximen area. We spent about 700-800NT per person while you could get a better experience for about 300NT or less per person at Kura Sushi or Sushiro. Da Che Lun Sushi 大車輪火車壽司 is located in the Ximending walking area and easily draws a crowd of tourists because of their food train. It seems unsanitary since the food is not covered and people are sitting very close to that train. Da Che Lun Sushi No. 53, Emei St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108 More reviews and places to eat at the TAIWANEATER site.
  • IsabelTPE


    여행자 유형:




    西門町日本迴轉壽司老店,是真的用火車頭拉壽司在食客面前旋轉。點了烏龍麵和味噌魚便當,都算可口,附近美觀園是另一家日式老店。 在國際連鎖企業尚未駐進台北的年代,伴隨許多中年人青春下課逛街飲食的回憶。 現在選擇多了,但老店們還在。

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