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Mỳ bò Vĩnh Khang 永康牛肉麵館

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No.17, Ln. 31, Sec. 2, Jinshan S. Rd., Khu Đại An, Thành phố Đài Bắc Taiwan


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11:00-15:00, 16:30-21:00

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  • ianwyj

    Singapur, Singapur

    Local cuisine with a rustic touch


    Generally regarded as another of Taipei's foodie must-try restaurants (it's listed in the Michelin guide), we our way there as many tourists must have done previously. Located only a single subway stop away from the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, it's not hard to find as there's usually a queue outside waiting to get in. There certainly was one the day we visited, and it took us about twenty minutes to get in for a late lunch. We were shown to our tables (or rather pointed towards it), and got settled into our stools. The restaurant's certainly fairly basic in decor, so don't epect any frills. We ordered two different versions of the beef noodles - the signature saucy one as well as the soup-based one. The beef used is Australian in origin, and the chunky pieces were tender to the bite. However, I did find the saucy version a little too oily even though I preferred it to the soup-based bowl. We also tried their steamed pork spareribs and steamed pork intestines which, while tasty, probably wouldn't count as one of my favourites. Nevertheless, prices were affordable, and it was worth trying.
  • mikecat1985


    Loại hình du khách:




    這次有機會來吃這大名鼎鼎的永康街牛肉麵,其實離永康街有段距離,平日造訪,或許是受到疫情影響,生意冷清,店面相當老式,看得出歷史悠久。 打開菜單這價位真一點也不便宜,一碗紅燒牛肉麵要240元,大碗要270元,這價格去別地方都可以吃兩碗了,點了紅燒牛肉麵,麵上來先喝口湯,味道濃鹹,很單一沒有層次,麵條是細麵,很快就軟掉,咬勁不足,這湯頭與麵條沒啥可取之處,只有肉煮的軟嫩,入口極佳。 就我吃過的牛肉麵店來說,段純貞,林東芳,南門市場每家都比這家好吃,但價錢低上許多,可以確定的是,這種cp值表現,這家店是觀光客專屬,雖說百聞不如一見,但我這一見,以後也不會在來了,240元以上的牛肉麵就留給觀光客吃吧。
  • Juliakao13


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    對牛肉麵也算講究的我,去品嚐了永康冠軍🏆牛肉麵,當店牛肉麵的價格落在220~290左右。 店內人潮真的不少,不知大家是衝著冠軍的聲望、還是高價就是好吃的心態,我抱著期待冠軍牛肉麵美味的心情來的~~ 結果讓我覺得~普普 真的找不出好吃的特色在哪裡! 因為這樣的價格與這樣的品質,我真的覺得還好而已!
  • 240wanli




  • TScyuo-ku

    中央区, 東京都



    2020年2月に19時ごろに行きました。新型ウイルスの影響なのか、並ばずに入店することができました。 注文して5分ぐらいですぐ出てきました。日本人の苦手な八角は使われておらず、癖の強い台湾料理の中でも比較的食べやすいと思います。 ただ、結構辛いので、辛いのが苦手な方は厳しいかもしれません。 お店自体は大衆店なので、とても綺麗と言うわけではありませんが、特別汚いわけでもなく、そこまで気になりませんでした。 このお店の近くの永康街には、たくさんの食べ歩きポイントがあるので、小さいサイズのSサイズを頼んで、他の料理も食べれるようにしといた方がいいと思います。

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