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Revival of the Formosan Landlocked Salmon -100th Anniversary Exhibition

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Post date:2018-01-15



Revival of the Formosan Landlocked Salmon -100th Anniversary Exhibition
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No.2, Xiangyang Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
The Formosan landlocked salmon (formerly known as cherry salmon) was discovered in 1917. The species is a type of landlocked salmon that is rarely found in low latitude zones, and also the southernmost distribution of the West-Pacific salmon species. During the Japanese colonial era, the salmon was already designated as a "Natural Monument" and listed under conservation status. In recent years, the government has been more actively engaged in the conservation of the salmon.

Not only has its habitats been designated as conservation areas, the academic sector has also been conducting studies and research to explore various biological aspects including the origin, evolution, classification, and conservation of the salmon. Furthermore, the application to international organizations for the official naming of "Formosan landlocked salmon" to represent the salmon's endemic status in Taiwan was successful, instead of its former classification as a subspecies of the Japanese masu salmon.

We are launching a special exhibition to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the discovery of the Formosan landlocked salmon. The public will be offered an even more diverse and content-rich exhibition, which will also serve to highlight the endeavors and accomplishments in the conservation work of the Formosan landlocked salmon.


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