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2018 Guandu International Nature Art Festival

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Post date:2018-10-22



2018 Guandu International Nature Art Festival
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55, Guandu Road, Beitou Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Live Happily Ever After?
“We can survive our rude infancy and grow into responsible, caring adults—without losing our innocence, playfulness, or sense of wonder. But first we need to see ourselves from different angles, in many mirrors, as a very young species, both blessed and cursed by our prowess. Instead of ignoring or plundering nature, we need to refine our natural place in it.”—Diane Ackerman, The Human Age: The World Shape by Us

Each day, we are writing our own story of life. What sort of plots do you wish to compose to reach your ideal ending? What characters do you plan to include in this bright future? However, in co-writing the epic work "The History of Nature," we human beings often fail to remember there are other inhabitants share this planet with us. It is impossible to exclude these characters from the big story. Their fates can even reverse the denouement we set.

"Habitat" is the word we use to refer the living environment of an animal, plant, or other organisms. A habitat is, in fact, the home of wildlife. Nowadays, humans keep expanding our territories to fulfill our own need, whereas other inhabitants keep losing their home. Is this win-lose situation the only scenario we can imagine? Can we assure the ending of the story if we still think the future based on our own demand?

2018 Guandu International Nature Art Festival use "live happily ever after," the stock phrase used in fairy tales, to critically review the "human-center" philosophy. We aim to explore the ethics with the care of others and to ignite dialogues. In this way, it is possible to facilitate a sustainable future which all inhabitants can coexistence and mutual prosperity.

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