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KentaYasui Blowing Glass Art Exhibition

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Post date:2019-02-18



KentaYasui Blowing Glass Art Exhibition
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No.133, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Kenta Yasui’s works follow the round essence of glassblowing, and they are exquisite and extreme, hiding complex details in creativity. Besides, the works are designed in a concise craft, concealing the freehand and the abstract concepts of fine art. Also, they feature the art that can not be simple, contain complexity of creativity, exert the quality of glassblowing, and interpret creativity through profound skills.

The most ancient craft in the world has been made good use around the modern life: the three-dimensionalization of the originally recognized 2D art drawing, the colorization of transparent glass craft, the combination of art and craft—all for creating uniqueness.
Why does the association do our utmost to invite Kenta Yasui to assist the prosperous plan of glassblowing among all the glass art masters in the world? Besides the relation to Taiwan locality, the unique feature of Mr. Yasui’s glass techniques is introduced in the following:
Kenta Yasui was born into an art family or an art collection family; originally, he could have a great influence on earth in the name of “the second generation”, and “the only inheritor in the generation”. However, when he was a child, his cleverness was profoundly praised by his grandfather, Mr. Koyota, which made him confident and understand his gift. Furthermore, his character was nurtured in the family education, and his has a comity quality of Cancer. Even if his choices in life were opposite to his family’s expectation, he did not forget the original intention of family honor after nurturing his talent, and introduced the art tradition of Yasui family into the glass craft. He did not only pour the glass world into art, but also elevated himself on the art path, making a historical record of his own brand.
The features of Kenta Yasui’s works:
With his fine art background from the Japanese family, his flat artworks with three-dimensional crafts are equipped with uniqueness, high identification, exclusive pioneering, meticulous intactness, and simultaneously respect for the “round” essence of glass blowing.
# fine art introduced into a handiwork
# an artist and craftsman
#original creation
#high identification
#the essence of glass blowing

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