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Riverside Children’s Fun Carnival Debuts First-ever Local Surf Simulator Experience

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Post date:2019-07-15



Riverside Children’s Fun Carnival Debuts First-ever Local Surf Simulator Experience
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Dajia Riverside Park, Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
The 2019 Taipei Riverside Children’s Fun Carnival “Bravo’s Water Park” will be held for 9 days at the Dajia Riverside Park from July 13.

Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-kun invited adults and children in the city to experience various amusement rides including the Surf Simulator today (July 8). The organizer of the event, the Department of Information and Tourism of Taipei City Government (TPEDOIT), indicated that online registration for session 2 of the family water activities will begin at 9 AM on July 10. Only 100 spots will be available; please browse Travel Taipei ( for more information.

According to Tsai Ping-kun, Taipei Riverside Children’s Fun Carnival is the result of the city government’s meticulous planning, and it is the most coveted summer vacation activity among children that offers an incredible collection of exciting activities. He also encouraged elementary students to incorporate attending the Taipei Riverside Children’s Fun Carnival into their to-do list for the summer.

Commissioner Liu Yi-ting of TPEDOIT elaborated that various attractions have been meticulously designed for this year, including a 6m-tall Bravo statue at the entrance to welcome visitors. The water activities area has been divided into 5 smaller sections such as the Surf Simulator, Climbing Taipei 101, Urban Exploration, Colorful Fantasy, and Bravo Adventure, offering a total of 9 ways to have fun. In particular, Bravo Adventure features 6 challenges, and children who complete all the challenges will receive a water gun or stickers, while stocks last! On land, there are also 5 facilities such as Four-leaved Clover Ball Pit, Zorbing, and Fun Challenge on the land areas. Every afternoon, three to four art performances will be conducted; the land area does not require registration in advance, and it is open to the public for them to play freely and appreciate the shows.

Liu suggested the waterfront area is open for one session in the morning and two sessions in the afternoon during weekdays, and each session lasts 90 minutes. During the holidays, there will be 1 session in the morning (90 minutes) and 3 sessions in the afternoon (80 minutes each). Each session accommodates up to 400 persons (comprising of 300 online registration spots and 100 queuing spots). On July 4, 200 online registration spots were made available, while 100 online registration spots will be made available per session from 9 AM on July 10. Participants must be at least 6 years old and each person can only sign up for one session. For group registrations, up to 4 persons can sign up concurrently. If the parents accompanying their children will not be using the water park facilities, they do not need to sign up.

The highlight of 2019 Taipei Riverside Children’s Fun Carnival is the imported Surf Simulator facility, producing simulated waves to let people enjoy the fun of surfing without going to the ocean. The amusement ride accommodates 2-3 persons at a time. A total of 775 spots over 31 sessions were claimed within 2 minutes of the opening of online registration for the first session on July 4, indicating a high level of interest among the public. Therefore, TPEDOIT has decided to increase the number of spots per session to 50; in other words, besides the 25 lucky individuals who have already signed up online for the sessions on July 4, the remaining 25 spots will be available through on-site queuing. In particular, 18 people have signed up for Water Park (including those who have completed registration for session 1) online and 7 people have registered on-site.

TPEDOIT reminds the public to bring either their national ID card or health insurance card with them when checking in. For people who have registered online successfully, their priority spot will be reserved for 15 minutes after the event has begun; those who have already signed up for session 1 of the Surf Simulator online must check in before the event begins or they will lose their priority spot. The latest admission time for each session is 30 minutes after the session commenced; the admission will be closed once the maximum number of participants (400) is reached. TPEDOIT has prepared 400 sets of disposable tableware for people partaking in the morning session and first afternoon session during the weekdays; the first 40 people to complete the check-in procedure will each receive a set.

Due to the limited parking spaces available at Dajia Riverside Park, TPEDOIT urges the public to make use of public transport such as MRT and city bus. Please disembark at MRT Xingtian Temple Station via exit 1 or 2 (the bus stop sign is located at the intersection of Songjiang Rd. and Minsheng E. Rd.) or MRT Dazhi Station (the bus stop sign can be found opposite Watsons on Beian Rd.), then transfer to bus 72 or 222, and disembark at Dajia Elementary School Station. From there, the destination can be reached on foot.

For further information and registration-related details, please browse Travel Taipei ( and click on “2019 Taipei Riverside Children’s Fun Carnival – Bravo’s Water Park.”


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