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Taipei Expo Farmer’s Market in December – Christmas Shopping Mania at Taipei Expo

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Post date:2019-12-02



Taipei Expo Farmer’s Market in December – Christmas Shopping Mania at Taipei Expo
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No. 1, Yumen St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
The most exciting prospect of December is Christmas and Christmas gifts, and it is also an important occasion for gathering and partying with one’s families or friends. To let the public experience the pleasant ambiance of Christmas at the market, the Taipei Expo Farmer’s Market will be hosting a series of Christmas-themed activities.

At 13:30 on December 7, the Floriculture Experience will be held at the stage area in conjunction with the Taipei Flowers Auction, inviting professional floriculturist Huang Shu-Wen to teach participants how to create unique floriculture artwork using seasonal flowers; the handcrafted works of art ooze one’s affection and they can be given to families or friends as Christmas presents, serving aesthetic and practical purposes. The Floriculture Experience will be held on December 1, 8, and 15 (agricultural lecture). Citizens who have made purchases with a total value of NT$500 are eligible to sign up for the course by presenting their receipts (limited to 30 spots). If you are interested in floriculture, this is something you definitely do not want to miss!

Christmas is not Christmas without a sumptuous feast and desserts! The Christmas Creative Hamburger DIY held on 12/21 (Saturday) is open to adults and children, where they can create mouthwatering Taiwanese-style hamburgers using adorably-shaped steamed buns. At the agricultural lecture, you will also learn how to prepare colorful Christmas fruit tarts using fresh fruits. Other courses include the children’s favorite Christmas cookie baking class, and participants will be able to take their creations home!

Year-end special promotion announcement: for purchases of NT$600 or more in December, you will receive a Taipei Expo lunchbox bag, and for purchases of NT$1,200 or more, you will get a Taipei Expo hemp bag, so come on down to the Taipei Expo Farmers’ Market to celebrate an entertaining and fascinating Christmas with everyone!

Taipei Expo Farmer’s Market in December – Weekly Sales Newsletter
First up is the Hualien organic vegetables, rice, and healthy crop week (December 7-8). These healthy, fresh, organic vegetables are naturally cultivated in the pristine environment of Hualien. Week 2 (December 14-15) features premium organic rice from Fuli, Hualien County, which has received the honor of A+ Grade Rice from a Japanese association; moreover, the paddy fields have been accredited as safe, healthy, pollution-free, and biodiverse paddy fields that are free from pesticides, chemical fertilizers or pollution from nearby fields. In addition, the paddy fields are irrigated with water from Luozai River - upstream of Siouguluan River - and the high-quality rice grown here allows citizens to enjoy healthy food with peace of mind. Week 3 (December 21-22) is the Tainan jujube week, featuring premium jujubes from Tainan that are exported to Japan; take a bite of the plump jujube with verdant skin and milky white flesh, and you will be mesmerized by the succulent, sweet flavor and crispy texture. Week 4 (December 28-29) is the national week, bringing the public a more diversified selection of premium agricultural products from all over the country, so that organic, high-quality vegetable enthusiasts such as you can purchase and enjoy food with peace of mind.

Enjoy a Leisurely Time at the Market Aside from Shopping
The Musical Feast live stage performance will be organized from 14:30 to 15:00 every Saturday or Sunday afternoon, featuring exciting performances from Sanrennan Band, Aike Band, and Water Molecule Band, as well as special ocarina and saxophone performances. The bands’ melodious music allows the shoppers to soak up the Christmas vibes in the market. Additionally, a variety of useful courses will be conducted at the agricultural lecture on December 7,14, and 21 (14:00-16:20), everyone interested in the courses is welcome to sign up at the venue!

For more farmers’ market-related information, please refer to the Taipei Expo Farmer’s Market and “臺北市產業局-台北饗樂趣” Facebook fan page, or the Taipei Expo Farmer’s Market official website. Everyone is invited to join the treasure hunt! (The market opens from 10:00 to 18:00 every Saturday and Sunday, and is located inside the Taipei Expo Park, Yuanshan Park.)


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