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Guidelines for Sponsorship

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Guidelines for Sponsorship of Organizations Conducting International Meetings/Conferences, Exhibitions, and Incentive Travel - Taipei City Dept. of Information and Tourism


1/ In an effort to promote international meetings/conferences, exhibitions, and incentive travel (hereinafter abbreviated as MICE) in Taipei (hereinafter referred to as "this City"), and to stimulate the development of related industries, the Taipei City Dept. of Information and Tourism (DOIT) has formulated guidelines for a special sponsorship program.

2/ These guidelines are applicable for all levels of government agencies (institutions), legal persons, and organizations staging MICE events in this City.

3/ Key terms used throughout these guidelines are defined as follows:
a/ International Meeting/Conference:

A gathering of at least 100 individuals, from 5 or more countries and territories (including the ROC). Individuals of foreign nationality must total a minimum of 80, or constitute 40% more of the total. However, exemptions may be permitted for events that have significant impact on, or are necessary for, enhancement of this City's image or overall economic development.

b/ International Exhibition:

An exhibition in which at least 10 percent of direct exhibitors are from overseas, or from a minimum of six countries or territories (including the ROC), with the number of booths totalling 250 or more. However, exemptions may be permitted for events that have significant impact on, or are necessary for, enhancement of this City's image or overall economic development.

c/ Incentive Travel:

Incentive-travel meetings/conferences and incentive-travel tours to this City organized by foreign corporations or organizations. Included are ROC citizens, legal persons, and organizations which have invested in overseas countries/territories to establish legal persons or organizations in said locations, arranging Taipei events.

d/ Special Cases:

The Taipei City Government (hereinafter abbreviated as TCG) may invite personnel from overseas legal entities and organizations attending large-scale competitions and events to come to this City for sightseeing tours. Applicants for city-sponsored sport-competition events are also eligible. Entities organizing major competitions for which DOIT has granted approval for staging in Taipei are also eligible.

e/ Bidding Phase:

Encompasses activities during period of time from preparation of bid through formal submission of bid to serve as event-venue host.
f/ Promotion Phase: Period before the staging of an event in Taipei during which overseas professionals are attracted to register to attend, up until event opens.
g/ Hosting Phase: Period during which meeting/conference, exhibition, or incentive travel event is conducted.

4/ Range of Available Sponsorship:
a/ Bidding Phase:

(1)DOIT will provide administrative support, including a letter of support from the Taipei Mayor, information materials related to this City, and a survey of event venues.
(2)As part of advance preparations in bidding for hosting rights for international MICE events, the competent authorities shall be invited to Taipei for advance inspection tours. In cases where sponsoring authorities travel overseas to seek the right to conduct an international MICE event in Taipei, DOIT will provide qualified organizers with up to NT$300,000 in support.

b/ Promotion Phase:

DOIT will provide administrative support, including a letter of support from the Taipei Mayor as well as information materials related to this City.

c/ Hosting Phase:

(1)DOIT will provide the equivalent of up to NT$1,000,000 (New Taiwan Dollars) in support.
(2)Applicants seeking sponsorship for use of Taipei Expo Park facilities will be given priority consideration.
Related sponsorship contents and standards shall be determined separately each year by DOIT.

5/ The main organizer of an event must submit the application for sponsorship. Should there be two or more primary organizers, one must be chosen ahead of time to act as the formal applicant. The organizer is required to entrust a domestic ROC professional meeting/conference/exhibition service enterprise or travel-industry enterprise to submit the application. If an organizer is a foreign legal person or organization, a domestic meeting/conference/exhibition service enterprise or travel-industry enterprise must be entrusted to submit the application and receive any sponsorship support.

6/ The application procedure is as follows

a/ DOIT accepts applications during two separate periods each year, subject to approval in principle. The first period is from Nov. 1 to Nov. 30 in the year prior to the proposed conducting of an event. The second period is from April 1 to April 30 in the same year. Note that these limitations may be lifted should there be sponsorship monies still available from the same-year funding base.

b/ DOIT may grant ad hoc exemptions to the above-stipulated rules for special cases, emergency cases, and regular applications in instances where the sponsoring funding is less than NT$100,000 and the event will have significant positive impact on the city's image and/or overall economic development.

c/ The primary organizer of an event must submit 12 copies of the application form (see Attachment 1) and relevant forms of documentation, within a submission period as stipulated in the first entry in this sub-section (application process delineated in Attachment 2). If sponsorship applications have been submitted by more than one organization for an event, detail on all funding must be supplied, including itemized support and financial sponsorship requested by each.

d/ Should an applicant's documentation be incomplete, DOIT will notify the applicant with a deadline for rectification. If this rectification deadline is not met, the application will not be considered.

e/ Upon completion of the evaluation process, DOIT will advise the applicant of its final decision in written form and publicly announce the decision.

f/ Once DOIT's dedicated program resources for this sponsorship in a single year have been dedicated, no further applications shall be considered.

7/ DOIT convenes the Taipei International MICE Marketing Consultation and Application Evaluation Committee to handle all application evaluations (in accordance with the procedures set forth in Attachment 3). The criteria followed are set forth below:

a/ Priority will be given to applicants proposing events that complement the meeting/conference and exhibition activities promoted by this City.

b/ Key event-planning elements (includes event background introduction, chronology of events staged, event detail, estimated expenditures, anticipated benefits, and other pertinent details).

8/ Under any one of the following scenarios, DOIT will revoke sponsorship for an organization that has successfully passed the initial evaluation process:

a/ An event application is cancelled or this City is altered as host location.

b/An event is not completed in accordance with stipulations, or is not completed on time.

c/The application contains false information.

If an applicant organization does not follow the submitted event plan in implementing an event, or the contrast between actual implementation and the original plan is judged excessive, and legitimate/official justification cannot be provided, DOIT retains the right to revoke its sponsorship in whole or in part, and retains the right to demand return of any portion of assistance already allocated deemed legitimate.

In the event of the circumstances described in section 8a or in the preceding paragraph, DOIT will refuse to accept any new application from said organization for a period of one year afterward.

9/ Applicants under section 6b are not subject to those restrictions and procedures stipulated in section 7; approval authority on said applications resides with DOIT.

10/ An applicant provided with sponsorship must submit all requisite documentation to close its case within 1 month of completion of its plans for execution. However, if the activity in question is completed on Dec. 1 or after, said documentation must be submitted by Dec. 31.
An applicant provided with financial sponsorship must, when closing its case, submit an itemized account of payments and receipts, and also provide all original documentation pertaining to the sponsorship (see Attachment 4).

11/ All sponsorship funding required in accordance with these guidelines will be distributed from a designated DOIT budget calculated and allocated for this purpose.

12/ These guidelines have been reviewed and passed by the TCG's Advisory Committee, and thereupon ratified and executed by DOIT; any amendments shall also be subject to this procedure.