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Viajes en Taipei

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In order to promote the quality of tourism services provided within Taipei, as well as to reduce the inconvenience that foreign visitors suffer when unable to find tourist information service centers because of language barriers; every Saturday and Sunday, our walking travel guides now supply visitor information at Ximending, Shilin, Xinyi, Beimen and Yongkang Street. The staff members, proficient in English, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai, will provide tourists with transport and sightseeing information, as well as other related tourism information on certain routes.



Route Guide:MRT Taipei 101 / World Trade Station Exit 5→Xinyi Road →Songzhi Road → Songshou Road → Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Plaza → Breeze Xinyi (round trip)

Duty Time:Every weekend 11:00-19:00

Free local travel tips:Taipei 101 (beside the public art work LOVE)

Time:13:00~13:10 / 17:00~17:10



Route Guide:MRT Shilin Station Exit 1 → MRT Shilin Station Exit 2 → Fulin Road → Shilin Residence (round trip)

Duty Time:Every weekend 11:00-14:00

Free local travel tips:Shilin Residence.



Route Guide:MRT Jiantan Station Exit 1→ Jihe Road→ Shilin Cixian Temple → Dadong Road→ MRT Jiantan Station Exit 1 (cycling)

Duty Time:Every weekend 16:00-19:00

Free local travel tips:Shilin Cixian Temple (front square)




Route Guide:MRT Ximen Station Exit 1 → The Red House → Hanzhong Street → Wuchang Street → Kunming Street → Emei Street → The Red House (cycling)

Duty Time:Every weekend 11:00-19:00

Free local travel tips:Ximen Red House Square.

Time:11:30~11:40 / 17:00~17:10

North Gate:


Route Guide:Intersection of Mingsheng W.Rd.& Sec.1,Dihua St.(returing) → Sec.1,Dihua St. → Tacheng St. → Sec.1,Zhonghua Rd. → North Gate (Cheng'en Gate)

Duty Time:Every weekend 10:00-18:00

Free local travel tips:North Gate (Cheng'en Gate) / Yongle Market

Time:13:00~13:10 (North Gate) / 16:00~16:10 (Yongle Market)

Yongkang Street:


Route Guide:MRT Dongmen Station Exit 5 → Yongkang Street → Lishui Street → MRT Dongmen Station Exit 5 (cycling)

Duty Time:Every weekend 11:00-19:00

Free local travel tips:Yongkang Park

Time:14:00~14:10 / 18:00~18:10