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As Softness Swing in the Wind | Leipzig Prospect

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Post date:2023-11-07



As Softness Swing in the Wind | Leipzig Prospect
Event Time
Tue.-Sun. 12:00-18:30
Event Location
141 Min Tsu W. Rd, Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
My painting draws no borderline. The edge of my canvas, like my vision, crops fragments of my existence at the moment. I want to use my art to look for a kind
of movement, which can be found in nature, reality, and the body. While painting, I see myself embedded in this movement, occupying a spot on the blankness of the canvas. I see images of plants, trees, and the sky keep cropping up. As I move with these images, I feel how the rhythm works with my body and transcribe the feeling
into drawing. Therefore, there is breeze and gusty winds sweeping across the land; these movements herald the future shape of my soul and carry on. The process is like climbing up the mountain, what you take in is but the patchwork of sensations you come across step by step. There is grass, the shifting temperature and moisture, and bits of vision captured in each moment. Being magnified and savoured carefully, these visions develop into the idea of “what there is like.”

This project makes use of three materials that represent diverse sets of vocabulary. When the wind picks up, colours undulate, lines tail along the way, and threads billow. The wind gives, as it were, voices to these materials, to convey through mumbling the sense of softness in my painting.

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