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Information for Foreign Mountaineers

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Before entering into highly restricted mountain areas, foreign mountaineers are asked to apply for an entrance permit. If necessary, the ROC Mountain Association can arrange an English guide for a group of four or more members. For less restricted mountain areas, local police stations are responsible for the issuance of a B-Class entrance permit. Applicants must provide their personal IDs or passports.

What's the procedure to apply for an entrance permit?

The applicant has to submit an application form with the attachment of passport or alien residence permit, ID, or any approval documents issued by competent authorities. Competent authorities include: the Police Affairs Department, local police stations, or the police team in the National Parks. If the foreign visitor applies for the permit in company with an ROC citizen for the same reason, he or she can follow the same procedures of the ROC citizen.

Apply for a Foreigner's Mountain Pass

Where to Apply :

Foreign Affairs Section of your local police bureaus

Application Procedure :

Fill out one application form

Present the Following Materials:

  • 1. Passport, visa, or alien resident certificate (for inspection).
  • 2. Certification of reason for entering mountains.
  • 3. Processing fee of NT$10.

Processing time:

For further details, please check with National Police Administration at Tel: 0800-018-111
Application of Entrance Permit
National Police Agency, Ministry of The Interior