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Taiwan Railway

Located at the central hub of Taiwan’s round-the-island railway, the railway system of Taipei City connects eastern and western Taiwan while providing safe and comfortable services. Its biggest station, Taipei Main Station, is an underground union station of Taiwan Railway, Taiwan High Speed Rail and Taipei Metro. Besides the three types of transportation services, Taipei Bus Station is also within reach, making it even busier. Thus, Taipei Main Station plays not only the role of a major transportation hub in northern Taiwan, but is also the railway station with the highest traffic volume in Taiwan.


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Customer Service : 0800-765-888
Local service line: +886-2-21910096

Taipei Station

Address:100-41 Taipei City Zhongzheng Dist. No. 3, Beiping W. Rd  MAP
Service hours:06:00~24:00
Telephone Number +886-2-23713558

Transfer to Taipei MRT/ Taiwan High Speed Rail

Taipei Main Station is an underground union station shared by 3 types of transportation services. To transfer to MRT or THSR, go to B3 by the stairs next to carriage No.11 on each railway platform and exit the fare gate. You can see the MRT fare gate in front of you and the entrance of THSR to the right of MRT fare gate.