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Open Government Declaration

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The following provisions apply to the use of any materials in the Taipei Travel Net "Photo Library" and "Video Library":

  • 1. Distortion, mutilation, alteration or other changes to the content, form or name of pictures/videos is strictly prohibited.
  • 2. Photos/videos may not be used independently for commercial purposes.
  • 3. Photos/videos may only be used for commercial profit-making purpose to promote Taiwan tourism or introduce scenic spots in Taiwan.
  • 4. Photos/videos used shall clearly attribute the source (Ex: Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government).
  • 5. Photos/videos, whether for commercial or non-profit-making purposes, shall not be used in a way detrimental to the image of the Taipei City Government.
  • 6. Photographs belonging to private individuals may not be published without authorization from the copyright holder. Persons who download photos without permission will be considered in breach of the Copyright Law.
  • 7. Website and web page photo albums are provided for online viewing only. Copyright authorization for the use of such material is limited to this website. Persons who download material from the website without authorization will be in violation of the Intellectual Property Right Law.

Taipei Travel Net appreciates thanks the various departments of the Taipei City Government who contributed assistance. Please do not use, repost, or download any information from the site without authorization.
Offenders will be prosecuted in accordance with copyright laws and regulations and held legally accountable.

The scope of copyright authorization is as follows:(2008.11)

  • 1. Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation: Taipei MRT Travel Guide Map, Taipei MRT City Travel Guide
  • 2. Department of Information and Tourism: Taipei Tourist Guide, Spectacular Taipei, Taipei City Visitor Map, Maokong Gondola Travel Guide, Discovering Taipei
  • 3. Taipei City Market Administration Office: Taipei City Tourism Night Market Guide
  • 4. Department of Economic Development: Photos and text for Taipei City Mountain Trails Website
  • 5. Hydraulic Engineering Office: Text and photos for the Taipei City Riverside Bikeway Guide