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Suda Yoshihiro

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Post date:2023-12-07



Suda Yoshihiro
Event Time
Tue.-Sun. 12:00-18:30
Event Location
141 Min Tsu W. Rd, Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
At the end of 2023, AKI Gallery invites Japanese wood sculpture master Yoshihiro SUDA ( b.1969) to hold a solo exhibition in Taiwan. The audience will be welcomed into a Japanese botanical garden subtly curated by the artist. The exhibition does not catch the pedestrians' eyes with the conventional visual approach of abundance; on the contrary, SUDA intentionally plants his miniature sculptures of plants in specific corners of the venue. The interaction between these delicate plants and the exhibition space resembles a microcosm of modern life, quietly conveying his remorse over the beautiful things lost within the fast pace of life nowadays.

SUDA was born in Yamanashi Prefecture of Japan at the foot of Mount Fuji. It is this life experience of living with nature that cultivated his idiosyncratic perception of beauty. Palm-sized flowers and weeds, through his exquisite carving, not only vividly reproduce the true texture of the leaf veins and the flower petals, but also retain the gentle nature of Japanese magnolia wood. Within the venue, the interactive relationship between the works and the exhibition space is deliberately arranged by SUDA employing the concept of creating installation art and the essence of the connection between Buddha statues and temple space. By placing his works outside the spotlight, he reminds the viewers to re-examine the interesting aspects of the space itself. If one discovers his works inadvertently, people will often gaze at these tiny objects, and be surprised by how they can reveal a unique aesthetic philosophy and the essence of life.

"Having nothing sometimes is not poverty, but can be called beauty." SUDA's wood carvings of plants entail the traditional Japanese aesthetics of wabi-sabi, which recognizes the significance and beauty of small and humble things, and they also evoke an appreciation for the ordinary beauty in life. Within《Suda Yoshihiro》, these beautiful "plants" will lead viewers to re-embrace their love for life and experience the infinite beauty in limited things.

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