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DACU Underground Flow

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Post date:2024-02-21



DACU Underground Flow
Event Time
Tue. - Sun. 11:00-19:00
Event Location
No.180, Fuhua Rd, Shilin Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Taipei Digital Art Center’s 2024 Spring Program 𝔻𝔸ℂ𝕌 , a series of diverse performances/parties and video projection projects are being collaboratively curated by DAC artist-in-residence – Yeh Ting-hao, XTRUX, and new friend DJ Jing Lekker.

The underground of DAC has a raised cement structure, which locals say is a nearby creek flood control drainage line, while others claim it to be an old waterway. Some, with a keen environmental consciousness, assert it to be clean underground water, and from the perspective of feng shui and mysticism, speculate about the dynamic energy brought into the space by the water, meticulously designed for the prosperity of the former meat market and to appease spirits. Another distinctive contrast is the “口” square fire hydrant water reservoir, seemingly immobile, yet unexpectedly perpetually leaks into the building’s pipelines and structural body, thus maintaining a limited-time dynamic update—It serves as DAC’s analog hashtag, clear and transparent. These two streams of continuity function as the source of left and right audio signals, extremely subtly input into DAC Underground. We have invited reConvert (Switzerland), Chang Yen-Tzu× Wu Yen-Hsuan, Hsu Yen-Ting, Jon Cates (USA), and Ghost Girl Group, as amplifiers, to respond to DAC’s past, present, and future spatial specificity with their respective creative practices, translating them into stylistically diverse sound performances.

2024 Spring Program 𝔻𝔸ℂ𝕌 

In explaining the past, present, and future of DAC space to foreign artists, it’s inevitable to mention DACU, which includes the past traces of DAC as a meat market hidden in the unknown DAC Underground. Looking into the future is always uncertain, requiring further exploration. Lightly and interchangeably, DACee You is a must, whether it’s the past, present, or future, hoping to party with you, DACee You Tomorrow!

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