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《Travelling Between Dimensions》- 2024 Koyu CHANG Solo Exhibition

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Post date:2024-04-25



《Travelling Between Dimensions》- 2024 Koyu CHANG Solo Exhibition
Event Time
Tue.-Sun. 11:00- 18:30
Event Location
99° Art Center, Beitou Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Both painting and film serve to capture the three-dimensional world by condensing it onto a two-dimensional surface. Similarly, my sculpture endeavors to discover fresh forms through the manipulation of dimension - compressing, decompressing, and releasing objects from a flat plane.

■ The title of the work: Oneness
In「Oneness」, I distort the figure's shape to present various aspects at the same time. This exploration delves into the shape and form of the figure, inviting viewers to perceive it from new perspectives.

■ The title of the work: Qian
The figure and the horse are subjected to compress, causing their volumes to flatten. This external force reshapes the material, yielding a multitude of potential forms. The once-massive volume sheds its weight, transforming into a lightness. "Qian" serves as a metaphor for the perpetual movement of the Universe. Is the man but a breath of the horse? Or does the horse exist within the man's dream? This open-ended question echoes endlessly, inviting contemplation.

■ The title of the work: Gravity
Bronze bar has formed a natural arc due to the force of gravity, stemming from the mass of the Earth. The female figure also symbolizes Mother Earth.
Credit: Koyu CHANG

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