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About the Taipei Brand Logo – Undiscovered Taipei

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Post date:2018-11-29



Taipei is a place of unique specialties and spotlight attractions known far and wide. Among these are the famed Taipei 101 tower, the stunningly rich and varied cuisine, and the multifaceted advanced-tech service facilities. Adding to its allure are a fascinating history and services that are easy, comfortable, and welcoming to the traveler. Visitors also constantly comment on how they’ve been touched by the city’s warmth and hospitality. The people of Taipei are always ready and happy to take time out from the city’s fast pace to welcome each visitor with an open heart.      

A central axis in Taipei is the North Gate (Cheng En Gate). This heritage structure is both a portal to Taipei’s old walled city past and to its present. It is the symbolic entrance to the city in history, and connects the present with the past and the future, linking tradition and innovation. To the west of the North Gate divide are numerous neighborhoods of rich tradition and culture, such as Dadaocheng. To the east are commercial districts catering to the young and fashionable, such as Xinyi District.     

The creation of this new city-brand logo features a joint static and dynamic construction. On its left side, the brand identity features a static and structured visual presentation. The right side features a dynamic and innovative visual perspective. Taipei is a city of dynamic harmony with recurring cycles and rhythms, and within these cycles of continuous change is a continuous stream of discoveries. Whether a first-time visit or a repeat visit, on every journey new discoveries await the curious traveler. Something fresh and novel is forever awaiting discovery around the next corner, because fluidity, friendly, and warm hospitality are built into the DNA of this city’s special character.       

The goal for the brand logo is to present the continual feeling of pleasant surprise and amazement that people experience when visiting Taipei, crafting an image of how Taipei has become a uniquely tourist-friendly city and showcasing how it has become a must-not-miss experience for domestic and international travelers. To achieve this mission, Taipei will continue to communicate with the wide world, facilitating the latest modes of travel and supplying unique creative ideas, enhancing its international visibility and its identity in comparison with other cities in Asia.      

From old heritage city neighborhoods to fast-paced and futuristic enclaves, and from places of alluring natural scenery to chic and trendy shopping malls,within an hour of each other is a national park of rich natural ecology, traditional cultural arts, and popular high-tech trendiness. When immersed in one, the others are always close at hand. We sincerely invite you on a visit to this city, excavating one treasure after another in your Undiscovered Taipei.     

Integration of the tourism and peripheral industries, and creation of cross-border and cross-industry development targets. Perceiving innovation in tradition, and in innovation avoidance of the loss of Taipei’s cultural inheritance. The goal – making Taipei a must-visit destination in Asia.