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Camp, Explore, and Appreciate Soil Conservation at Beitou’s Guizikeng

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Post date:2020-05-28



The Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO) announced that it will hold an environmental education and camping event at Guizikeng Soil Conservation Education Area starting at 9 AM on Saturday, May 30.
Camp, Explore, and Appreciate Soil Conservation at Beitou’s Guizikeng
According to the agency, GEO has organized numerous environmental education programs at Guizikeng since 2014 in an effort to raise public awareness on the topics of soil conservation and disaster prevention. The venue received the Environmental Education Facility Certificate from the Environmental Protection Administration in 2019.

The special program for this year’s Soil Protection Month features environmental education challenges and hands-on experience of traceless, low impact camping made possible through Guizikeng’s rich natural resources and camping ground.

Chief Lin of the agency’s Forest Recreation Section pointed out that the activity promotes soil conservation concepts and introduces participants to the unique soil and mineral features and water resources of the area through games and challenges, teaching them on how to appreciate the great outdoor without damaging the environment.

The event is completely free of charge! Online registration will be open to the public starting noon on May 15. A total of 27 camping positions and 200 game participant slots will be available. If the number of applicants exceeds this total, there will be raffles to determine the finalists.

For more information, please visit the GEO’s Slopeland Education Net .

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