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TAIPEI Spring 2021 Vol.23

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Spring is a time of hope, renewal, and exploration. It’s an occasion for journeys that fulfill mind, body, and soul; in that spirit, we’re pleased to bring you our spring issue, in which we set out to discover “the secrets of Taipei.” In the pages ahead, the unknown, unheralded, and largely untrod places of Taipei, and the people who call those spots home, are finally given their due.

Walking through the streets, many of the places brought to light in our cover story are indeed, as the title suggests, “Hidden in Plain Sight.” When meandering through the historic inner-city Bangka/Ximending area, it would be easy to pass by Qingshui Temple without knowing of its storied origins, dating back to the late 18th century. This and many others are spots easily overlooked by the casual eye, missed by most who visit the city

as they make their way to more obvious landmarks. But it is precisely sites like these that color the city’s vibrant culture, and deepen one’s understanding of the city.

From the unseen pieces of Taipei’s cultural fabric, we take you on a tour through the bastions of solitude and quiet found throughout the capital. From a former Japanese bathhouse to urban gardens that will make you forget you’re in a city at all, don’t

miss our exposé on these “urban oases.” Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, go on a hike along Taipei Grand Trail. The 92-kilometer journey will lead you to the secret wildness of the capital.

For fans of art and traditional culture, go behind the scenes of the famous festival to learn about papier-mâché with a master with 40-plus years of experience, and follow the footprints of TAIPEI to discover where some popular films are filmed in this city.

What would spring be without flowers? Step inside the Taipei Flowers Auction with Ching Flowers to find out where all the flowers are from. And if you are a foodie like Moira Turley, join our conversation with her to learn the secret life of a diplomat in Taipei.

We did not forget about the food scenes either. From inconspicuous restaurants without names, to speakeasy bars hidden down lanes, check out more excellent features in this issue that explore the unknown mouth-watering tastes of Taipei.

All this and more, as we put our best foot forward into the beautiful spring season in Taipei.