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2020 Taiwan LGBT Pride

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Post date:2020-10-21



2020 Taiwan LGBT Pride
Event Time
Event Location
No. 1, City Hall Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

The first Taiwan Pride Parade in 2003 saw only 800 participants.With the public ecoming more open-minded, more and more people are willing to go on the streets; the Parade has also grown in size. Taiwan Rainbow Civil Action Association (TWRCAA), established in 2012, hopes to provide a platform for LGBTIQA+ communities to be seen and heard. Our mission is for everyone to understand, accept, and respect sexual diversity. We hope for an end in discrimintaion, stigmatization, and violence against LGBTIQA+ and for all of us to be who we are and show our own beauty.

It is our hope that the LGBTIQA+ community is not only seen, but truly understood and respected. As such, we adopt “Beauty, My Own Way” as our theme for this year. 

From the first parade in 2003, with the goal to make LGBTIQA+ visible, to "Together, Make Taiwan Better" in 2019, Taiwan LGBT Pride has witnessed people gradually understanding and respecting the LGBTIQA+ community. Our predecessors marched to make their needs known, seen, and embraced. Today, we march so that everyone who needs to be embraced can be seen.

Through advocating on various issues, such as marriage equality, queer acceptance, and gender equity education,Taiwan LGBT Pride has become the lifeblood that connects the LGBTIQA+ community across generations. Whether in the past, present or future, all of us can find our own positionality and historical significance in this unending progression.

Color Taipei
Color Taipei / Rainbow Tour Bus
  • First rainbow sightseeing tour bus in Taiwan history
  • Featuring drag queen as tour guide, you know that means fun!
  • In-depth look at the history of LGBTQ culture 
  • Special guests on selected tours: 夫夫之道Fufuknows /  阿卡貝拉caca&bella /  厭世動物園
  • Group-in-group-out, include afternoon tea or dinner
  • First look on Taipei's newest 2020 rainbow attractions
  • Exclusive rainbow gift 
  • First 300 to register will receive special soap gift set
  • Free Wi-Fi internet and charging sockets provided

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