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Foreigners Love Taiwan Exhibition

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Post date:2021-03-12



Foreigners Love Taiwan Exhibition
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No. 174-2, Sec. 1, Zhonghua Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
Joining Founder Doris Brougham of Overseas Radio & Television Inc., Mayor Ko Wen-je presided over the opening ceremony of the Foreigners Love Taiwan Exhibition at Taipei City Archives on March 10.

During his address, the mayor expressed his gratitude to foreigners who have contributed to Taiwan’s development across different periods of Taiwan’s history. He invited the public to visit the exhibition to witness the beautiful happenings on the island from past to present.

Ko recalled that he would listen to Studio Classroom’s English education programs on radio in middle school and noted that he is honored to meet Brougham in person for the first time today. Citing PASOA’s president Liu Feng-sung, the mayor agrees that Taiwanese can become more accommodating and more willing to work closely with each other if they have a chance to learn more about the stories of foreigners who love Taiwan more than locals.

Taking the deceased parents of Ai Ai Hospital’s superintendent Shih Wu-jing as an example, Ko pointed out that Shih’s Japanese mother Shih Chao-tzu and father Shih Chien were both known for taking in and caring for beggars residing in Wanhua District. Today, Ai Ai Hospital is in charge of running the long-term care facility at Taipei’s Dongming Social Housing. Unlike the stereotypical image people have of senior care facilities, the care center at Dongming is bright and clean, demonstrating how care and compassion can integrate nicely with charity to make society a better place.

The mayor also mentioned that many Taiwanese living in northern Taiwan knew little about the Kanan Irrigation System, which totally revolutionized the agricultural yields of Chianan Plain upon its completion. The project was carried out under the watchful eyes of Japanese engineer Yoichi Hatta. Likewise, Dr. George MacKay left his footprints in Taiwan’s history in the form of MacKay Memorial Hospital, while William Burton’s work continues to supply Taipei City with clean drinking water for over a century.

For the one-month-long showcase at the Nishhonganji Site in Ximending, Taipei City Archives has put together a collection comprising photos, postcards, newspaper cutouts, correspondences, films and other documents highlighting the contributions of these foreigners.

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