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Entropy of Emptiness: Cosmogonic Narrative as Way of Dis-Paracolonization

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Post date:2023-11-21



Entropy of Emptiness: Cosmogonic Narrative as Way of Dis-Paracolonization
Event Time
Tue. - Sun. 10:00 - 17:00
Event Location
No.1, Syueyuan Rd, Beitou Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
When a biennial is forced to reconsider the primary marker attached to it –– time, we attempt to ask how the biennial copes with “temporal” genesis, meaning “Indi-Genesis Time.” Moreover, if the biennial aims to understand our contemporary life situations through a certain artistic development and research, then the questions that follow are, why look at artworks, why gaze, and why experience exhibitions, or, in other words, “why are we here?” We often approach art with hesitations about the world and our own circumstances, along with a curiosity that emerges alongside these hesitations, in hopes of exploring new spaces and the potential for mobility. These entail exploring the unknown spaces of consciousness, the uncharted connections with the world, and new agencies of awareness - in simple terms, “spiritual life.” The “spiritual life” required today is not a single world but a “self-space” (world making) [2] capable of opening up various sensory approaches, organizational methods, and imagination, opposing the world connection that more and more homogenization and one-sidedness. Because this homogeneous one-sided connection amasses an unprecedented amount and density of information, our existing cognition and consciousness implode, collapse, and disintegrate like entering a black hole. Therefore, the contemporary era we find ourselves in urges us to imagine, create, and organize various “spiritual lives” (rhizome) with three-dimensional spaces, and this is how “art” gains its contemporary significance. Artists demonstrate and propose various narratives and methodologies of “world-making” via projects and practices, and the flow and transformation of knowledge, information, and data link the practice of “world-making” to the personal experience and consciousness (inner “cultivation”) of the “viewer.” Hence, the discourse is the explanation of the process descriptions and overlay methods. This exhibition project aims to emphasize the necessity of world-making and inner cultivation with “emptiness,” expanding the spiritual space. “Entropy of emptiness” is the “negentropy” that creates and operates the world, resolving the violence imposed by colonization and, in doing so, preserving and reproducing lives.

[2]."World making" refers to how individuals, through their sensory power coming from the experiences and events, as well as power of imagination, reconstruct the relationship between perception, knowledge and information, to create their own worlds. The construction and connections within this personal world must necessarily include the imagination and extension that support one’s life, making it a self-individualized ecosystem.

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