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Taipei Story House

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Post date:2010-09-06


In the Yuanshan area, near the bank of the Keelung River, you will find a century-old building with European architecture—this is the "Taipei Story House." A Tudor-style wooden building like this was a rarity in Taiwan a century ago, and is also unusual today.
In 1913, the Dadaocheng tea merchant Chen Chao-chun built this Western-style building as a meeting place used to entertain local gentry and foreign tea buyers. After witnessing the vicissitudes of the 20th century, the building was a municipal- designated historic site in 1998. The first floor has a red brick structure with ionic columns around the doorway. The second floor is constructed from wood, and its wooden beams form a charming branching pattern on its walls. The green roof is covered with copper tiles. The garret above the entryway features red, yellow, and green glass. The interior of the building contains two large fireplaces, as well as colored tiles and hanging lamps that evoke the art nouveau style that flourished during the early 20th century. The many clever and interesting design elements give this historic site unique charm.
This historic building was renovated in 2000, and was used to establish the "Taipei Story House" with sponsorship from Ms. Chen Kuo-tzu. This is the first case in Taiwan of a publicly-owned historic site being revitalized through adoption by an individual. The Taipei Story House is currently a mini-museum introducing life and culture in Taiwan, and promoting the utilization of historic sites.
Come enjoy a leisurely trip to the Taipei Story House, and experience the glories of the past!