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Mayor’s New Year’s Resolution: Making Taipei a Must-visit Destination in Asia

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Post date:2019-01-10



To herald in the New Year, Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the 2019 New Year’s Eve Countdown Party at City Hall Plaza on December 31. He joined the crowd during the countdown event and the fireworks show.

During his address, the mayor offered his well-wishes to citizens. He noted that regardless of how many joy and hardship people experienced in 2019, everyone will join Taiwan in welcoming 2019.

He stressed that Taipei 101 is one of the destinations recommended by CNN for celebrating the arrival of the New Year. With over 100,000 people attending the event, the occasion is an important opportunity to market Taipei to the world.

According to the mayor, this year’s countdown party incorporated electronic music, e-sports, e-commerce, and e-channels. The annual event requires a lot of input from city staff, whether organization or innovation. He expressed his gratitude to the public servants for their efforts.  

When asked by the emcee what he wanted to do for 2019, the mayor replied that he will be satisfied if he can sleep well.  

Before arriving at the stage, the mayor also stopped by the emergency response center and expressed his gratitude to the staff on duty at the center, wishing them a happy new year.