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Confucius Temple’s Masterpiece: The Most Courteous, Popular Summer Camp is Here

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Post date:2019-06-17



Taipei Confucius Temple has begun hosting summer camps during the summer break in 2012. In previous years, the main theme centered on traditional arts, but the emphasis in recent years has been placed on courses promoting traditional virtues.

The Confucian Gentlemen’s Summer Camp incorporates 5 theme courses that aim to let the children learn Confucianism in an easy, interesting manner. Online registration begins at 10:00 on June 11, so hurry up and don’t miss out.

Other new courses launched this year include Dedicated Little Chess Player, Exploring the Confucian Temple with Five Senses, and Courteous Gentlemen Roam the World. By playing ancient table games and learning about troop deployment on paper, the students can also understand the etiquettes and inner cultivation from chess lessons, where they can formulate their strategies, examine their advantages and disadvantages, and make self-adjustments in order to learn how to become a wise and capable leader. The Courteous Gentlemen Roam the World course aims to instill positive moral values to the students through tales of morality. The students will also wear fujin (easy to wear headgear worn in ancient times) and long-sleeved ancient robes to practice the etiquette of bowing, introducing the children to the very first lesson of Confucian etiquette via clothing and proper behavior. Exploring the Confucian Temple with Five Senses involves building a 3D model of Dacheng Hall using the Multisensory Immersive Experience of seeing, listening, tasting, touching and smelling. By stimulating your sensory organs, you will be able to re-experience the unique features of the Taipei Confucius Temple.

The exciting Confucius Temple summer camp consists of the Traditional Auspicious Dough Figurine Sculpting course, an innovative approach to traditional art using a combination of new media and traditional techniques inspired by the theme of the magnificent phoenix featured on the Hong Gate of the Confucius Temple. Lastly, the Master Craftsman Paper Quilling course takes the students to appreciate the architectural beauty of the Confucius Temple through the craft of paper quilling, where a 3D paper quilling technique is applied to represent the hanging tube carving decoration, a common woodcarving in the Confucius Temple that doubles as part of the building’s structure and ornamental decoration. The course’s easy to understand approach boosts the students’ interest in appreciating the artistic beauty of the Confucius Temple.

According to the Department of Civil Affairs Commissioner Lan Shih-tsung, the purpose of the Confucius Temple summer camp is to cultivate the courteous demeanor of little Confucian gentlemen. When they play Chinese chess, they are expected to exhibit the spirit of sportsmanship such as being humble in victory and gracious in defeat, while the DIY course allows them to learn about historic buildings through innovative techniques. It is hoped that the children will spend an unforgettable and meaningful summer vacation at the Confucius Temple.

For more information, please visit Taipei Confucius Temple's website ( or contact Ms. Chen on 02-2592-3934#22. Online registration websites for the various activities are listed below:
Master Craftsman Paper Quilling
Courteous Gentlemen Roam the World
Exploring the Confucian Temple with Five Senses
Dedicated Little Chess Player
Traditional Auspicious Dough Figurine Sculpting