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Announcing the 2021 Taipei Nature Ecology Conservation Online Expo

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Post date:2021-09-16



The Animal Protection Office (APO) has joined hands with the Chi Sing Eco-Conservation Foundation to organize the month-long 2021 Taipei Nature Ecology Conservation Online Expo starting September 7. The theme this year is “The Same Earth: Group and One”.
Announcing the 2021 Taipei Nature Ecology Conservation Online ExpoThe theme commemorates the One Planet Summit which was also this year, as well as highlighting the topic of organism diversity. It also reminds us that we are inseparable from and inevitably connected to Mother Nature. Any decision we make will affect others and the world around us. “Group and One” seeks to establish the connection among people staying at home due to the pandemic and the natural world through the online expo.

The Taipei Nature Ecology Conservation activity is an annual, carnival-like event organized by the APO. Each year, the organizer invites conservation groups to promote awareness on issues which they advocate. Due to the pandemic, the physical event has been cancelled. In exchange, the online expo has been organized to promote conservation stories of Taipei City. The focus will be upon high population density in urban settings and how factors such as artificial edifices, human activities, and alien invasive species have an impact upon indigenous wildlife.

The expo seeks to educate the public on ecosystems, urban ecology, wildlife diversity, conservation research, and environmental education. The pictures and stories of the online expo combine materials from interviews with over 10 conservation organizations. The topics covered include civic science, eco-tourism, wildlife defamation, glass collisions, professional eco technology service, ex situ conservation, feeding animals, environmental education, wildlife rescue and injury recover, and conflicts between stray animals and wildlife.

In addition to the online expo, this year’s event will also feature interactive program for online communities. Activities such as conservation seminars, quizzes, and raffles will also be held on the event’s fan page. For more information, please visit the official Chinese fan page on Facebook. 

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