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TPEDOIT Sets up Shop at Taiwan Festa 2023

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Post date:2023-08-04



With the subsiding of the pandemic which allows international travels to pick up again, the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) attended the Taiwan Festa 2023 which kicked-off in Tokyo on July 28, hoping to attract more Japanese tourists to visit Taiwan.

TPEDOIT Sets up Shop at Taiwan Festa 2023
The city’s booth at the three-day event in Yoyogi Park featured online tourist attraction guides, DIY lessons, and food-tasting sessions. New landmarks such as Taipei Music Center were included in the guide, among favorites of Japanese travelers such as Taipei 101, Ximending, Dadaocheng, and National Palace Museum. There is also a special “Wall of Lanterns” for visitors to take selfies with.

According to TPEDOIT, Taipei’s booth has organized a number of activities, including an online guide on top tourist attractions, clips of interviews with notable individuals and introductions to Taipei’s culture, and DIY lessons on making a Taipei-themed fan. Also, those who checks-in to the booth on social media also received a Taiwanese nougat as a free gift.

TPEDOIT Sets up Shop at Taiwan Festa 2023
A participant of the fan-making class noted that it is fun to put the various attractions of Taipei on the fan, which also provides for a better understanding of the city’s culture. The fan itself is also useful in the summertime weather. Another visitor noted that he is interested in Taipei’s great food and looks forward to traveling to the city.

With the event taking place during summer vacation, Taipei’s booth at the Taiwan Festa 2023 succeeded in catching the attention of many people. The food, souvenirs, and fun activities at the venue offers the Japanese public a glimpse of what traveling to Taipei promises in the post-pandemic era. Hopefully, the new and lively image of Taipei will continue to attract travelers to the city.