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2024 Taipei Water Dance Festival Starts on May 1st!

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Post date:2024-05-24



"Taipei Water Dance Festival” will be held at Rainbow Bridge starting from May 1st! With two songs per day in rotation, along with dazzling light effects and projected animation, the festival creates a mesmerizing nocturnal spectacle of sound and light for everyone! This exclusive summer event will be held until June 30th, so please come and enjoy it. 
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The Hydraulics Engineering Office said that the show will run from 19:00 to 21:00 every night, with a 30-minute interval, during which there will be a total of 6 songs, each performed for 5 minutes. Besides the amazing water dance, there is also a photo spot in the event area, and the 40-meter long LED canopy promenade is particularly eye-catching! Looking up towards the sky covered with colorful stars, creating a unique and quiet atmosphere, attracting visitors to stop, and is expected to become a hot spot for beauty shots.

This performance incorporates local characteristics, seasonal festivals, and technological imagery. The Rainbow Bridge’s outline will slightly emerge at night and become colorful under the rainbow’s magic, as if it were a scene from a fairy tale, and six stunning water dances are used to link up Taipei’s unique characteristics and memories.
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The first two tracks “Future City” and “Rainbow Party” were released on May 1st. “Future City,” shows that technology and innovation bring a prosperous and constantly improving quality of life, and the integration of cityscape and technology shapes the future appearance of the city. Through light and shadow, the rapid movement of lights brings a unique charm and vitality to the city. “Rainbow Party” presents colorful paintings with light and shadow, accompanied by the musician’s lively performance, symbolizing endless energy and carefree charm in the gorgeous night.

In addition to watching the water dance at the Rainbow Bridge, visitors can also go to the nearby Raohe Street Night Market to taste delicious food and ride bicycles on the waterfront bikeway. Family members could come to the bridge at night to enjoy the wonderful moments together. In addition, the Hydraulics Engineering Office would like to remind visitors that due to strong winds on the bridge, in order to prevent water from spraying on people during the show, the Rainbow Bridge will be controlled in both directions 5 minutes before the show. Traffic will resume when the show is over. To match the effect of the water dance performance, the main lighting on the Rainbow Bridge will be turned off during the show time, and only the floor step lights will be left on. Please pay attention to safety. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
2024 Taipei Water Dance Festival 

◎ Date: 2024/5/1–2024/6/30

◎ Location: Rainbow Bridge at Xikou Wharf (next to Raohe Street Night Market)

◎ Water Dance Show Time: 19:00, 19:30, 20:00, 20:30, 21:00

◎ “2024 Taipei Water Dance Festival” website: the URL for 2024 Taipei Water Dance Festival

◎Transportation information: Exit from No. 1 of Songshan MRT Station, head towards Songhe Street, about 180 meters, walk for about 3 minutes and enter the No. 4 evacuation gate of the Keelung River to arrive at the event venue.