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TAIPEI Summer 2024 Vol.36

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Taipei Summer Nights

It's summertime, and life in Taipei is both easy and breezy. Let's take a tour of some of the fun things you can get up to, during the day and in the evening, indoors and outdoors.

In one of our three Cover Story articles, we're your guide to places of play after dark in eastern Taipei's Songshan and Nangang districts – where to "party it up, watch a live performance, or just relax by the river." In another article, enjoy a primer on the panoramic cityscape views and gourmet dining served up on the popular double-decker Taipei Sightseeing Bus and Taipei Restaurant Bus. And in the third article, it's a night at the edutainment hotspot TaipeiEYE, which provides visitors with rich and intimate sampler showcases of Taiwanese and Peking opera.

In our A Day in Taipei segment, we present two "urban walks" outings. One destination is the cosmopolitan Minsheng Community, a leafy street neighborhood in the downtown core percolating with iconoclastic owner-operated shops, cafés, and eateries. The other is the natural environment of Neihu District, tucked up against and up into the mountains in the Taipei Basin's northeast corner, a place of sizeable lakes, pleasant mountain trails, and a colorful harvest of attractions.

The feasting on the taste of natural beauties continues in our Out in Nature offerings. The Maokong area, best known for tea farms, teahouses, and tea cuisines, and now for scenic-view cafés as well, is a prime locale for hiking enthusiasts, laced with high-quality trails. Next, you'll meet the photogenic Taipei Tree Frog and Bamboo Pit Viper on local nighttime nature photography.

Rounding out this issue's selection of experience possibilities, in DIY Fun join CookInn Taiwan's enjoyable cooking classes, available in di¬erent languages, preparing Taiwanese food and drink classics; in Fine Food savor quintessential Taipei summer cuisine, from fruit-tea drinks to shaved-ice treats to – despite the rising temperatures – piping-hot stir fries; and in Where to... learn about the excitingly diverse range of facilities at the many modern city-run sports centers.

The Taipei of summer serves up endless delights – let the TAIPEI Summer 2024 issue be your take-along guide!