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TAIPEI Autumn 2021 Vol.25

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It's autumn in Taipei, and as the temperature cools and the first winds of a softer season start to blow, you can almost feel the city breathe a collective sigh of relief, knowing that the optimum time for calming, meditative activities and soothing sorties is at hand.

Apropos of this season of chilled out vibes, our cover story takes you on a tour of the capital's best places for stress-releasing exercise, body-soothing massage, and Zen-inducing meditation, as well as thoughtful guidance for relaxing at home.

To get to know Taipei's serene side, we meet the minds behind some of the city's most masterful modern architecture — buildings designed with the aim of creating warm, cozy places in which to live and work. From there, move on to the open-air oases of this tantalizingly green metropolis, its many parks and riverside trails serving as a revitalizing presence amidst the urban sprawl.

In this quarter, we delve into Taipei's bustling LGBTQIA+ scene and its unique culture as well, the heart of which beats within the walls of GinGin Store, a bookstore that does far more than selling books. We also take a look at a rather fascinating subculture, the swing dance scene, a throwback that is enjoying a booming renaissance among Taipei urbanites both young and old.

Taipei is also a pet-friendly city. With our furry friends in mind, we take you to "Lang Lang Don't Cry," a café that also doubles as a halfway house for animals looking for their forever home.

No issue of TAIPEI would be complete without some fantastic food and drink recommendations, and this is no exception. We've got a guide to the best farm-to-table establishments in town, a primer on the many wonderful and flavorful varieties of rice on offer, and a look inside one of the trendiest spots to enjoy a cool, crisp highball on a glorious autumn evening.

Finally, we take a look at the world of artist Ling Ko, whose ink works are inspired by the countless, tiny aspects of the rarely-seen in this city that many of us might overlook, and yet bring fantastic sensations to those lucky enough to find them.

All this and more, as we usher in the cool comfort of autumn in Taipei.


Please wear a mask and follow the epidemic prevention regulations imposed by the government when going out during the pandemic.

There are many private profile pictures published in this issue, hence no masks are worn by the figures present.

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