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Katsura FUNAKOSHI Whisper

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Post date:2024-05-07



Katsura FUNAKOSHI Whisper
Event Time
TUE-SAT, 12:00-18:30
Event Location
141 Min Tsu W. Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
In the silent world, the whispers of the soul quietly unfold. Mr. Katsura FUNAKOSHI, a great artist who departed forever on March 29, 2024, his works are like silent whispers, telling the profound meanings of humanity, nature, and spirituality. Through his flat sketches and three-dimensional sculptures, he infuses his inner world and contemplation of life into each piece.

In this exhibition, viewers will have the opportunity to appreciate FUNAKOSHI's sensitive portrayal of the human form. His sculptures, crafted from wood, convey soft lines and restrained emotions as if narrating individual stories. As Shakespeare famously said, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players," this quote resonates with the intrinsic meaning of Funakoshi's works. Each posture and expression in his sculptures seem to depict the joys and sorrows of life on this invisible stage. Through the texture and form of wood, he presents the complexity of human nature and the fragility of life, stirring the hearts of the audience.

Additionally, as Ernest Hemingway said, "A man's soul is like a deep well, only when we light it up, can we see our own heart." This quote aptly interprets Funakoshi's works, which shine like lights in the darkness, illuminating our search for and understanding of life.

Apart from his sculptures, FUNAKOSHI's sketches are equally breathtaking and captivating. With delicate strokes and profound shadows, he captures subtle changes in emotions. These works, like literary works, silently narrate the complexity and diversity of human emotions and thoughts.
In this exhibition, we will explore the whispers of the soul through FUNAKOSHI's works. As the classic literary work "The Nelson Letter Collection" says, "True art is the communication of souls." FUNAKOSHI's artworks serve as such a medium of communication. Also, as the literary master Tolstoy said, "Art is the mirror of the human soul," FUNAKOSHI's works reflect the deepest desires and pursuits of people's hearts.

Let us listen to the whispers of the departed master together in this exhibition and feel the emotions and wisdom contained in his works. "Whisper" - a dialogue of souls, an eternal journey of art. In this exhibition, we will witness his perfect integration of sketches and three-dimensional sculptures, as well as his understanding of human nature and nature. Welcome to AKI Gallery, where you can immerse yourself in the art world of Katsura FUNAKOSHI.

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