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Shilin Night Market 士林觀光夜市

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Specialties: oyster omelets, wrapped biscuits, stir-fried cuttlefish, shaved ice, fried chicken, stinky tofu, fried buns, spare ribs stewed in herbal soupThe Shilin Night Market is one of the well-organized and most popular night markets. It is separated into two major sections. One sector covers the streets surrounding the traditional Yangming Theatre and stretching to the Chicheng Temple on Danan Rd. The other sector is a centralized food court serving a wide variety of snacks that attract large crowds. At the Shilin Night Market, visitors can shop from store to store and have a large selection of clothes and accessories that they can bargain for reasonable prices.

Also a lot of the foods from Shilin Night Market are famous for their local flavors and are only available at the Shilin Night Market. Visitors are able to enjoy a wide range of local food, including Sausage Wrapped in Glutinous Rice, Stir-fried Squids, Oyster Omelets, Shilin Super Size Sausages, Ribs Stewed in Chinese Herbal Medicine, Shanghai Bun, Qinwaxiadan, Scallion Pancakes, Paopao Ice, Huge Chicken Cutlet, and many more.


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In the neighborhood of Dadong Rd., Danan Rd., Wenin Rd., & Jihe Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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Sunday 15:00 - 01:00
Monday 16:00 - 00:00
Tuesday 16:00 - 00:00
Wednesday 16:00 - 00:00
Thursday 16:00 - 00:00
Friday 16:00 - 00:00
Saturday 15:00 - 01:00

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  • iamkatysantos


    Shilin Night Market, the best night market I've visited


    Shilin Night Market is the biggest night market in Taipei. Google Map is your best buddy so you won't get lost when you explore around. From snack foods to milk teas and street foods, Shilin Night Market is indeed a haven for shoppers and foodies. Shopaholics will surely enjoy this place as this serves as a little Shibuya of Taipei in my opinion as they're offering trendy and fabulous clothes. I went to Taiwan during the winter season and I enjoyed window shopping for gorgeous trench coats and dresses. Aside from these boutiques, there are several souvenir and gift shops where you can buy cute key chains and fridge magnets. Stinky Tofu is a must try! It doesn't smell good but when I tasted it, it is yummy! The large Taiwanese Chicken is a must try too!
  • ianwyj

    Singapore, Singapore

    Taipei's most well-known night market


    It's probably no eaggeration that one of the main draws of visiting Taipei is the vibrant night market scene. With as many as thirty different night markets in and around the greater Taipei area, as well as over twenty different food stalls recognised by the Michelin guide as worthy of a bib gourmand award, there's plenty to keep visitors occupied for many a night. The night market in the Shilin district is the largest, one of the most well-known and popular, and often the first one visitors head for. The main stalls are housed under the roof of the old Shilin market, but also includes stalls that have spread outwards to now occupy the neighbouring streets. The most famous cuisines on offer have been well documented in many guidebooks and online websites, and are well worth a try at least once even if it's not always to one's liking. But being adventurous can be a rewarding experience. Having already tried variants of the grilled sausages, we opted to skip these and instead tried the oyster omelette (not as nice as back home), the oyster vermicelli (extremely tasty, and a nice-sized portion), and the fried chicken pieces (wish it had been less oily and salty). For those in a shopping mood, there were also lots of shops that sold toys, souvenirs, clothes, and phone accessories. Be ready for the sounds, smells, and crowds, and also very full from the food.
  • jejunewyork

    Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

    walking with friend


    I traveled here last year, December. The weather was so great!!!!!! In here, I walked with friend and saw many thing. Street food, people, moll, cars, cycles. . . It was very cheerful, very cityful. We eat some street food, walking a lot and buy some present for bring back to home. After corona, I want to go there again. I hope everything go well! 작년 12월에 다녀왔는데 정말 즐거웠습니다. 다양하게 보고 즐길 것들이 있어서 좋았어요. 매우 도시적이었고 활기가 넘치더라고요~
  • CdnLovesTravel787

    Vancouver, Canada

    Must visit Night Market in Taipei


    No visit to Taipei can be without a visit to Shilin Night Market. It is the biggest night market of all night markets of Taipei and you can get lost there easily. The market is ideal for snack foods from food stalls, which set up about 5 pm for the evening. I tried a big piece of flattened, deep fried chicken breast for 80 NT and it was very delicious. Also loved the freshly fried donuts from a vendor too. Tried an almond milk drink because the almond aroma in the air was so enticing. Shilin Night Market can be reached by getting off at Jiantan Metro stop and walking through exit 1; not to stop at Shilin Metro stop, which takes you elsewhere. The offerings at this night market are of anything and everything: clothing, footwear, toys, arts & crafts, you name it. Of course the food is the best of all and so much fun to taste - very affordable too. There is now a very large seafood food court consisting of many restaurant stalls, all competing for your business, underground. Seafood is very fresh here - just choose and they will cook it for you. This seafood area is underground and covered so it is ideal to visit during inclement weather. It is bustling and filled with locals having meals. The sales people will vie for your tourist business too.
  • Roving481659

    Taipei, Taiwan

    The best time at Shilin Night Market


    The traffic here is quite convenient, with MRT and buses.There are many delicious foods, like Oyster Omelet and Shilin big sausage. You can eat while walking. When you walk in Shilin Night Market, you will see many interesting shops, such as clothing stores, toy stores, and more snacks. You will not be bored in Shilin Night Market. 這裡的交通相當便利,有捷運跟公車。而這裡的食物也很美味,像是蚵仔煎還有士林大香腸,你可以邊走邊吃。當你在士林夜市裡逛街時,你會看到很多有趣的商店,像是服飾店、玩具店、還有更多的小吃,你在士林夜市中不會感到任何的無聊。

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