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The MRT Zhongshan Station Area

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Post date:2016-11-22


If you’re looking for products with creative and interesting designs, and are also looking for a good place to sit back and enjoy a good cup of coffee, then hurry to the MRT Zhongshan Station Area—the current favorite haunt of Taipei’s hipsters!
T  he MRT Zhongshan Station Area lies between Nanjing West Road and Minsheng West Road; or the area stretching from the MRT Zhongshan to the MRT Shuanglian Station. The eastern side extends to Zhongshan North Road, Section 1, and the west side to Jiancheng Park on Chengde Road, with Chifeng Street crossing through the middle. Author Liu Kexiang described the area thusly, “The MRT Zhongshan Area is neither an old business district, nor is it the Yongkang Commercial District. It is also unlike Xinyi Road’s lively commercial district, with its movie theaters and its department stores selling luxury brands. The MRT Zhongshan Area is an unlikely place for a commercial district, but it began to take shape as the social environment started to slowly adjust and as the demographics began to change.”
  In the past, this area was filled with ironworks and auto parts stores. But in recent years, the neighborhood has changed along with the development of the MRT. In addition to the large department stores that have been here for many years, stores of various types and styles are now starting to crop up. “To date, there are three main types of stores: the first are restaurants offering light meals or fine dining, such as elegant Italian bistros; the second are hair salons; the third are what most people notice, which are the cultural and creative shops. These are probably the main three types.”
  Today, with the special charm of the unique cafes, cultural and creative shops, fashion boutiques, stylish hair salons, exotic cuisine, and dainty daily necessities shops everywhere, it’s an ideal place for a leisurely stroll. As you make your way through the alleys, you will find new, interesting shops and exquisite merchandise around most every corner, which is sure to make you rediscover the joys of shopping. No wonder this area has become the latest shopping Mecca for Taipei’s youth, as well as many tourists from Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and Malaysia. How can you miss it?