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SPOT – Taipei Film House

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Post date:2016-11-22


SPOT-Taipei Film House
Taipei Film House is located on busy Zhongshan North Road. Turn off the road and you will find yourself amidst the lush greenery of an elegant courtyard. The sight of a white two-storey American Colonial-style building with romantic pillars reminiscent of ancient Greece will instantly put you in a relaxing mood.
  This was originally the site of the US Consulate General in Taipei, as well as the US ambassador's residence. After Sino-US diplomatic ties were severed, the property remained idle and forgotten for quite some time. However, after renovations were completed in 2002, it was renamed Taipei Film House and became a screening venue for arts films and an innovative cultural space for exhibitions.
  The ambassador’s garage on the ground floor was transformed into SPOT Taipei, also known as SPOT Cinema. In order to meet the needs of its moviegoers, this small screening room regularly shows a variety of arts films from around the world. The space that was originally the embassy’s antechamber and cloakroom is now SPOT Designs, a cultural and creative goods gift shop. Here you can find a selection of eclectic music and movies, in addition to original, hand-made, and locally designed products.
  On the left-hand side of the ground floor you will find SPOT Café Lumière, with classic movie posters covering its walls. You can choose to sit next to the floor-to-ceiling windows or outside on the elegant patio facing the garden. As you sip your aromatic coffee with friends against the backdrop of dusk and the warm glow of lights, you can share your thoughts on the movie you just watched, creating a truly ethereal experience. On the second floor you’ll find SPOT Le Ballon Rouge, a relaxing minimalist salon where you can savor light meals in an atmosphere of cultured historic charm.


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