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Taiwan’s New Year Market Place - Taipei Lunar New Year Festival

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Post date:2018-02-05



Similar to buying presents before Christmas eve, Chinese also go on a shopping spree before the Lunar New Year Festival, as it is one of the most celebrated holiday in nations with Chinese ancestry. Just before Lunar New Year’s eve in 1996, the local vendors on Dihua Street had transformed traditional market for ingredients of new year dishes into “Taipei Lunar New Year Festival”.

Hence it has become an attraction in Taipei city for local residents and tourists ever since. In addition to buying food ingredients and holiday decorations, this year’s “Taipei Lunar New Year Festival” held from Feb, 1 to Feb, 14 seeks to bring back the childhood memories within the young generation. What is the significance of Lunar New Year? A series of events associated with “Rediscover the power of Lunar New Year!” will take place for everyone to learn about the traditions of this festival. Annoyed by the difficult questions from family members during new year’s eve dinner? Not sure on how to help out with making new year dishes?

Come to Taipei Lunar New Year Festival on Dihua Street and find the hidden power. You will never be out of words to answer any question, can participate in family talk with humor, embrace the warm power of family with your beloved ones. Please visit「台北市商業處-猴呷猴七淘in Taipei」Facebook page( more event information.