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YouTubers with One Million Subscribers Sign up to Compete in the 2019 Taipei Dragon Boat Festival!

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Post date:2019-05-16



2019 Taipei Dragon Boat Festival is scheduled to take place from June 7 to 9 at the Dajia Section of the Keelung River. This year, a total of 218 domestic and foreign teams have signed up for the competition, and an official practice session commenced on Dajia Section of the Keelung River on May 4.

On May 4 (Saturday), YouTubers from different countries assembled teams to experience dragon boat racing. After arriving in Taiwan 18 months ago, renowned French YouTuber "Ku's dream" found his passion for Taiwanese gourmet delicacies and various experiential activities.

This time around, he led kiki from Osaka and YouTubers from around the world to experience Asian culture in Taiwan. In particular, he invited former national athlete Wu Shih-liang, also a member of the world dragon boat racing champion outfit, to root for his team. By understanding the culture of dragon boat racing, and by practicing and competing in the event, the winners will be distinguished from the losers.

Online registration for 2019 Taipei Dragon Boat Festival – Dragon Boat Experience Camp will be open from 10:00 on May 9, and the event will be conducted at the Dajia Riverside Park Pier on May 26, June 1 and 2. Those who wish to experience the thrill of dragon boat racing are invited to sign up for the event; there are a limited number of slots available, so hurry up.

For registration details on the Dragon Boat Experience Camp, please browse the 2019 Taipei Dragon Boat Festival official website (