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Beitou Bathrobe Festival Kicks Off! Come to the Hottest Xinbeitou This Winter!

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Post date:2019-11-05


Press bureau:臺北市商業處


The 2019 Taipei Beitou Bathrobe Festival Bathrobe Design Competition will take place at the Xinbeitou Hot Spring District on November 3, 2019.

To attract more people to experience the hot spring culture of Xinbeitou and appreciate the enchanting glamor of bathrobes, the Taipei Hot Springs Association held the kick-off press conference today (October 23), featuring a series of activities such as stalls, fashion show, and singers to promote the final competition scheduled for November 3. Citizens are invited to come to chilly Beitou in early winter to witness the hottest bathrobe fashion show!

According to Department of Economic Development Deputy Commissioner Wang San-chung, in an effort to promote the localization, industrialization, and internationalization of the city government, as well as to reinvigorate local business district development and tourism, the city government has continued to invest resources and assist the Xinbeitou Hot Spring District to promote its unique hot spring culture in conjunction with local hot spring resources, and the rich culture, history and gourmet food of the region. Moreover, the surrounding scenic attractions are consolidated to form a tourism network that has successfully established the unique image of the Xinbeitou Hot Spring District. The city government also encourages the hot spring district to conduct international cultural exchanges for the prosperity and advancement of Beitou’s hot spring industry, in turn making it an iconic business district in the city.

Taipei Hot Springs Association President Chou Shui-mei commented that this is the 6th year since the Bathrobe Design Competition was first held. With joint efforts from the city government and the private sector, the bathrobe has become more than just a type of traditional clothing but also the epitome of Beitou’s history and culture. Now, it is combined with fashion design to form a concept garment that symbolizes the never-ending transformation and innovation of the hot spring district.

The Bathrobe Design Competition attracts a large number of submissions domestically and from abroad. This year, 34 submissions were shortlisted for the final competition after a preliminary review was conducted, and the shortlisted entries will be worn by models on the catwalk during the final competition to present the beauty of bathrobes. It is set to be a stunning bathrobe fashion show!

At the press conference today, a variety of stalls showcase local gourmet delicacies and specialty products. Furthermore, Internet celebrity Li Hui-chi was invited to take to the runway to show off award-winning designs from previous Bathrobe Design Competitions, staging a bathrobe fashion show that combines both cultural meanings and creative fashion. Million Star and Super Idol celebrity singers also took to the stage to spice up the ambiance, attracting a large crowd to admire the show, which serves as a curtain-raiser for the main event on November 3! Everybody is invited to visit Xinbeitou Hot Spring District on November 3 to root for the contestants in the final competition.

Besides enjoying a stunning feat for the eyes, you may also join the 2019 Hot Spring Festival in Taipei and the quadrennial Mikoshi (Divine Sedan Chair) parade from Matsuyama in order to pray for blessing, peace, and prosperity. In the evening, numerous popular singers will make an appearance at the Rocking Beitou - Million Star Celebrities concert, creating an exhilarating vibe for the hottest night in Beitou this winter!

For more information about the 2019 Taipei Beitou Bathrobe Festival and 2019 Hot Spring Festival in Taipei, please refer to the Taipei Hot Springs Association’s official website , download the InBeitou App, or refer to TCOOC Facebook page .

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