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Taipei Clinches Two Top Awards at ART & TUR in Portugal with Undiscovered Taipei

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Post date:2019-11-05



Taipei City Government’s Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT)’s promotional film Undiscovered Taipei was awarded the Best Destination Cities and Best Cultural Attractions Awards at the ART&TUR – Festival Internacional de Cinema de Turismo in Portugal on October 25, 2019. The film has successfully introduced Taipei’s lifestyle as a blissful city and local culture to the world, in turn catapulting Taiwan onto the global stage.

Portugal’s ART&TUR – Festival Internacional de Cinema de Turismo is a World Tourism Organization-sanctioned official event and an important exchange platform for global tourism. The TPEDOIT’s promotional film Undiscovered Taipei ( stood out from 311 films submitted by 52 countries, serving as a testament to Taiwan’s glorious achievement on the international scene. Despite that this is the first time the TPEDOIT has participated in the event, its award-winning film has not only successfully attracted the attention of the local tourism industry and citizens, but the agency has also interacted with participants from around the world.

The film’s main appeals include festivities in Taipei throughout the 4 seasons including the prominent Taipei Lantern Festival, Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival, Taipei Riverside Festival: Sounds from the River (now Taipei Valentine’s Day), Nuit Blanche, Taipei Marathon, and New Year’s Eve Party. The film also incorporates images such as Taipei City’s unique urban landmarks and the intricate network of the convenient MRT system. Regardless of when they visit Taipei, international travelers will be able to make use of convenient public transport to admire picturesque sceneries and experience unique festivities. In other words, they will be rewarded with surprises by coming to Taipei at any time of the year.

As autumn draws near, the TPEDOIT also announced major upcoming festivities including the Hot Spring Festival in Taipei (October 31-November 4), Guandu International Nature Art Festival (November 1-December 31), and New Year’s Countdown Party (December 31). Travelers are invited to explore the Undiscovered Taipei.

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