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2019 Cultural Diversity Event – Water Lantern Festival Kicks Off in Style

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Post date:2019-11-18


Press bureau:Department of Information Technolog


The annual Water Lantern Festival will kick off at the Rainbow Bridge by the Xikou Wharf at 15:00 on November 17, 2019. Besides traditional Southeast Asian water lanterns, star-shaped water lanterns are also designed this year to let visitors make a wish to the stars so that they do not have to travel abroad to experience Southeast Asian water lantern culture.

For everyone’s favorite exotic gastronomic experience, 3 authentic gourmet dishes have been designed this year, symbolizing the sweet, romantic bánh phu thê (husband and wife cake), sweet and sour Thai mangosteen water, and simple, delicious Burmese fried beans. The delicacies are complemented by landscapes that evoke images of exotic destinations. Moreover, the diverse cultural challenge games offer a playful way to appreciate the culture of different countries. For example, what is the difference between Vietnamese đá cầu and Taiwanese jianzi? In what countries are the zodiacs determined based on the day of the week? Jakarta and Seri Begawan are the capitals of what countries? By successfully passing 3 challenges, participants will not only benefit from cultural diversity-related knowledge and receive exquisite Thai promotional materials, but the first 1,000 participants to pass the challenge will also be awarded a NT$50 discount voucher that can be redeemed at Raohe Street Night Market. After attending the Water Lantern Festival, tourists can also visit the Raohe Night Market. Everyone is encouraged to make use of e-payment for a more convenient shopping experience.

For this year’s Water Lantern Festival, Maoge (Lin Qun) will bring Southeast Asian picture books and storybooks to the riverside in his pink kitty bookmobile, inviting citizens to venture into his fantasyland through reading. In addition, Vietnamese water lantern and star-shaped water lantern DIY kits have been designed, allowing adults and children alike to enjoy the hands-on experience. After completing the water lanterns, they can write down their wishes and launch their water lanterns by the wharf at 17:10. The unique water lantern launching ceremony involving the use of bamboo ladles lets everyone experience the fun of launching water lanterns by the waterfront.

Performance groups consisting of new immigrants will be invited to take to the stage, such as VIT Dance Group’s traditional Filipino dance and Hand in Hand Thai Dance Troupe’s long drum dance. This year, Indonesian students from NCCU will be invited to interact with the audience by performing at fixed locations, while the tap dance class from Zhongzheng District Office and dance class from the Nangang District Office will showcase the learning achievements, enthusiasm, and energy of new immigrants.

The Water Lantern Festival cultural exhibition will be held at the Shilin New Immigrants’ Hall from November 9 through 30, sharing the water lantern culture of Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia with the public. The meticulously designed 3D experience area provides traditional Southeast Asian costumes for the visitors to take photos and check in on social media. Water lantern DIY courses are also organized in the holidays, and all the citizens are welcome to join the experience.

The culturally diverse Water Lantern Festival will kick off at the Rainbow Bridge by the Xikou Wharf in Songshan District at 15:00 on November 17, 2019. Citizens and new immigrant families are invited to come to the riverside to experience the colorful exotic cultures. In addition, the Water Lantern Festival exhibition at the Shilin New Immigrants’ Hall between November 9 and 30 is the quintessential event for those who wish to appreciate the profound beauty of the water lantern culture.


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