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HCG Donates 20 LENUS Kiosks to City Hall

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Post date:2021-04-28



Taipei City Government accepted a donation of 20 LENUS kiosks from HCG Corporation during a donation ceremony on April 26. Dignitaries attending the ceremony include deputy mayor Huang Shan-shan, Social Welfare Commissioner Chou Yu-hsiu, HCG President Chiu Li-chien, vice president Michael Chiu, Patrick Chiu, and General Manager Chen Shih-chieh.

HCG President Chiu remarked that the LENUS kiosk is the result from years of development by the company Hostan – a member of the HCG Group. In addition to detecting whether individuals standing before the device is wearing face mask, LENUS can also scan for body temperature and dispense hand sanitizers. The machine can also communicate in Chinese, English, and Taiwanese. HCG presented 20 LENUS kiosks to the city government to support pandemic prevention efforts.

During her address, Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan remarked that as a corporation with over 90 years of history, HCG is a leader among Taiwan’s bathroom brands whose products are popular among consumers. Staying true to its corporation spirit, the company established various foundations to give back to society and support charity.
HCG Donates 20 LENUS Kiosks to City Hall
With the ongoing global COVID-19 crisis, HCG’s gift helps strengthen pandemic prevention efforts and further safeguard citizens’ health. The donation is an example of public-private cooperation in fighting the pandemic. On behalf of Taipei City Government, the deputy mayor expressed her gratitude to the corporation for their support in helping the public sector strengthen preventative measures.

Commissioner Chou noted that the smart kiosk integrates major functions such as face mask detection, body temperature scan, and hand sanitizer dispensing. The Department of Social Welfare will deploy the kiosks at frontline social welfare facilities including district social welfare centers, homeless shelters, senior citizen homes, and at the Volunteer Service Development Center.