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APO Strengthens Pet Adoption Campaign with Bonus Services

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Post date:2023-05-24



The Animal Protection Office (APO) offers residents a great place to adopt stray dogs and cats. In addition, it also offers a large number of bonus services, including lifetime rabies inoculation for their new pets.

Before making their choices, those interested in pet adoption can visit APO’s animal shelter to learn more about the program and interact with potential furry friends. They can also reserve a free ride with the “Animal Adoption Client Pickup Cab” for their trip to the facility.
APO Strengthens Pet Adoption Campaign with Bonus Services
Citing the example of Ms. Chiu, APO pointed out that the potential pet owner saw the picture of the cute cat “Mash Potato” on the agency’s Facebook pet adoption fan page, but was worried that the personality of the feline friend might be not what she expected. Fortunately, she was able to interact with the potential pet at the center and decided to bring home the cat after three visits.

In addition, the helpful advices and instructions provided by APO’s volunteers and online consultants, Ms. Chiu has successfully established solid bonds with Mash Potato through cat teaser and pet food that the cat enjoys. For those who are thinking about adopting pets, determination and patience will help him or her find the right choice at the animal shelter.

APO calls upon the public to consider adopting animals as their first choice, which will help stray dogs and cats find a new home. In addition to the lifelong free rabies vaccination, those bringing home animals above 7 years old or that have been living at the shelter for over 1 year can also secure free combination vaccines for their pets’ remaining lifespan, as well as a free checkup every 2 years.

Regarding the Animal Adoption Client Pickup Cab, APO noted that for groups consisting of two or more people and those who successfully adopt a pet on the day of the visit, they can request a free ride via either the counter at the animal shelter or by calling reservations (02-87913063).

For more details on animal adoption, please join the fan page of APO’s animal shelter ([Link]).