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Mayor Attends Closing Fireworks of 2023 Dadaocheng Summer Festival

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Post date:2023-08-23



In the evening of August 20, Mayor Chiang Wan-an presided over the closing ceremony of the 2023 Dadaocheng Summer Festival and enjoyed the fireworks finale with members of the public.

During his address, the mayor expressed his excitement for being able to spend Chinese Valentines Day with the audience at Dadaocheng. This is the 19th year for the city government to hold pyrotechnic displays to celebrate the occasion.
Mayor Attends Closing Fireworks of 2023 Dadaocheng Summer Festival
Unlike past firework occasions, the city government transformed the Chinese Valentines celebration at the wharf into a major event spanning 51 days. In addition, it arranged for standalone fireworks shows on Wednesday nights throughout the festival period. The goal is to convince residents to stay in Taipei and explore the city during summer break, while attracting visitors from other municipalities to come and enjoy what Taipei has to offer. He is overjoyed to report that the results exceeded expectations, as significant crowd continue to flow into the city experiences a boom in business opportunities throughout the festival.

The mayor also cited the numerous fireworks reviews posted by netizens on discussion sites such as PTT and Dcard. The enthusiasts shared recommended locations for taking photos of the fireworks, as well as guidelines on how to optimize their visit to the neighborhood.
Mayor Attends Closing Fireworks of 2023 Dadaocheng Summer Festival
He also took the opportunity to express his gratitude to city staff members for helping to make the event a success. The 2023 Dadaocheng Summer Festival also worked with merchants in the community and local commercial district to stimulate business, boosting hotel occupancy rate in the surrounding area to 70-percent. He hopes the festivity will benefit stores and shops as well.

At the close of his speech, Chiang pointed out that while today is the last day of the festival, he believes that the event has successfully promoted Dadaocheng as a key tourist attraction for visitors. He invites everyone to come back for new rounds of firework next year, highlighting the beauty of Taipei’s summer nightscape.