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TAIPEI Winter 2018 Vol.14

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A Hundred Years of Glory in Dadaocheng

Dadaocheng was once a large grain-sunning ground in the Datong District of Taipei. Today, it carries on, blending creativity with the old-time glory of its hundred-year history. Strolling the neighborhood, one smells the therapeutic aromas of tea and Chinese medicinal herbs in the cold winter air.

With the variety of dried foods and snacks, and the colorful cloth of the embroidery stores painting a pretty scene, this old neighborhood is looking fabulous again and bursting with creative energy. It provides a glimpse of Taipei as it was in those halcyon days when Tamsui Port first opened to foreign trade in the early 1860s.

The hustling, bustling and booming economic scene, crowded with people and busy with traffic, might not exist anymore, but today’s Dadaocheng has had a rebirth, and some of those century-old stores here are prospering again. Visiting historical Dadaocheng, one experiences the cultural side of Taipei City, and the boundless inventiveness of the new generation.

The infusion of new with old appears not only in the history and renaissance of this neighborhood’s streets, but is reflected in the cuisine as well. Taipei is a hub of worldwide culinary trends, and its vegetarian cooking is built upon a traditional base, with some innovative twists thrown in. Taiwanese chefs have mastered fresh local products, and by combining them with international elements, a brand new vegetarian gastronomy has been born. New ingredient combinations and unique homemade sauces make these amazing dishes totally scrumptious! The new Chinese food and Cantonese veggie eateries have developed innovative cooking methods and combos, turning Taipei into a “must-eat” city for vegetarian gourmands.