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TAIPEI Autumn 2018 Vol.13

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A Cornucopia of Flavors at Taipei’s Traditional Markets

The many traditional vendors and their market shops represent a microcosm of life in Taipei. The food emporia featured in this issue of TAIPEI show the vital energy of the different districts. We’ve invited Titan (Zhang Qiuyong), Chef Ah Chi, David Bagherzadeh (Chef at Lao Wai Yi Pin Beef Noodles) and Tatsuya Ono (Chef at Taiwanippon) to talk about the local mercantile scene in Taipei. Xinfu Market in Wanhua District glows with the spirit of rebirth, Beitou is like a slice of life, Binjiang is packed with all kinds of flavors, and the Taipei Expo Farmers Market offers a glimpse of rural life. With all the sounds of vendors hawking their wares and people chatting and laughing, and the vibrant scenes of people coming and going, and so much produce and authentic snacks for sale, these local emporia present a metropolis in miniature. Come experience the hospitality and life force of Taipei City!

In addition to all the fun sites downtown, Mother Nature is also within reach. Ringed by mountains, Taipei City has many verdant sites. You can take the bus or MRT and easily explore nature over many hiking trails. From Xiangshan Hiking Trail, you will see the most amazing night views of this capital city, while Shuicheliao Trail overs the observer the colorful blossoms of Zhuzihu. Jiantanshan Hiking Trail tells a tale of human activity within its historical ambiance, and the Camphor Tree and Zhanghu Trails Loop provides views of the local farm scene. Finally, the Yuanjue Temple and Liyushan Trails Loop seems like a route a pilgrim might follow! You can even plan big and take a grand hike over several trails.

With Taipei’s convenient transportation network, you’ll find that nature is within reach. You’ll get to enjoy local delicacies at traditional markets and breathe in the fresh air of forests all in one day. A variety of fun and foody tours are waiting for you! In this issue, we’ll help you to discover traditional markets and hike some trails. Let’s go!