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TAIPEI Autumn 2017 Vol.9

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Taipei Universiade Thanks Everyone for their Participation!

More than 7000 elite athletes from all over the world attended this Universiade, fighting for glory in the August heat; but our work squad wouldn’t relax for a moment. Taipei Mayor Wen-je Ko (柯文哲) and the Universiade team strived to build a city of glory and let the world see a transformed Taipei. Through everyone’s efforts and perseverance, this sporting event, filled with laughter and tears, ended successfully. The summer sun hasn’t yet set, but with the fall breezes we will surely look back on an abundant year. 

Every weekend and holiday, the lobby of Taipei Main Station is always crowded with excitement. Southeast Asian immigrants and migrant workers gather in groups, speaking Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai. They share their feelings and lives with each other and are adding a new vitality to Taipei. Another group of individuals are quietly caring for these newcomers who are finding their own way after their long journey to Taiwan. These kind Taipei citizens are trying to keep them safe and settled, and thus are forging a more multicultural Taipei.

Modern buildings and hectic traffic background the daily scene in Taipei. This issue of Taipei will show you a map of the old city and let you follow it using Looking for a Fork in the Road in Taiwan (在台灣尋找Y字路) by Sumiki Hikari (栖來光) as your guide. You will find yourself walking through spaces where new and old worlds overlap. Taipei is not a big city, but it has enough depth to make exploring it highly enjoyable and worthy of a visitor’s time and effort.     

With their exuberant shouts and greetings, traditional markets showcase the warmth and hospitality of Taipei. Through the efforts of Taipei City Government, traditional markets have entered into a phase of renovation gradually, and a peaceful revolution is occurring all over the city. While new designs and methods may collide with old ways, the results are often innovative and wonderful, just waiting for people to come and enjoy them. 

The annual Taipei Poetry Festival imbues the autumn with a lyrical atmosphere. This year, the Festival’s theme is “Eyes & Lights,” wherein lovers of good verse will discover new voices and the possibilities of literature. Multihued images projected and splashed across towering buildings, sound and light effects, and cutting-edge technology from countries the world over will stimulate your senses! With more than fifty performances and displays to choose from, Nuit Blanche invites everyone to enjoy an all-night Taipei arts party!