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Zhoumei Xianzaigang Park 洲美蜆仔港公園

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Zhoumei Xianzaigang Park is situated at the intersection of Chengde Road and Fuguo Road’s 10m green belt. It is a wetland park that is functional for leisure, ecology and flood retention.

In the Park, the original old Shuangxi streamway protects the bank slope; it is used as a fore bay of the water pumping station and provides flood control space in the Park during the flood period. What’s more, it is a recreation wetland park of the community during normal days. The east side of the river is planned to be a grassy wetland area, which is set up intact and not easily disturbed by humans. It serves as a habitat for land birds to forage and breed.

There are various good views in the Park. Look around; you can enjoy the scenery of the river’s grassland wetland ecology. Then gaze further; there are the awe-inspiring Qixing Mountain and Datun Mountain Group. Besides the views, your experience visiting the Park will also be enhanced due to the leisure facilities, including scenic winding paths, water accessible platforms, pedestrian arch bridges, rest corridors and patios, sight-seeing circular walkways, etc.


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All year
The Yangmingshan Park Management Division
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No. 329, Sec. 6, Chengde Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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