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Ching-kuo Chi-Hai Cultural Park 經國七海文化園區

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The Ching-kuo Chi-Hai Cultural Park covers an area of 3.98 hectares, while the buildings cover an area of approximately 6,500 square meters. The property features large areas of green space, public art, and walking trails. The building design is in harmony with the natural environment and complies with diamond-level green building standards.
園區景觀(圖片來源:經國七海文化園區)▲Image Source:Ching-kuo Chi-Hai Cultural Park

The park is centered on the Chi-Hai Residence and the Chiang Ching-kuo Presidential Library, with an attached visitor center. It is set amidst the beautiful scenery of
Chi-Hai Lake and Jiantan Mountain, incorporating a trail around the lake. The park seeks to preserve the memory of Chang Ching-kuo's life and revitalize this
important historical site.
遊客中心入口(圖片來源:經國七海文化園區)▲Image Source:Ching-kuo Chi-Hai Cultural Park

Chi-Hai Residence
The Chi-Hai Residence was the home of ChiangChing-kuo and Faina. The simple furnishings of the residence reflect Chang Ching-kuo's unpretentious and unassuming demeanor. Visitors can view the displays in the anteroom to learn about the history, architecture, and surroundings of the residence.
七海寓所(圖片來源:經國七海文化園區)▲Image Source:Ching-kuo Chi-Hai Cultural Park

Exhibition Halls
Exhibition halls dedicated to the life of Chiang Ching-kuo. The First Exhibition Hall is themed "The Driving Force Behind Taiwan's Modernization," while the Second Exhibition Hall is themed "Contemplating the Passage of Time." The exhibition halls present Chiang Ching-kuo's personality, important life experiences.
陳列廳(圖片來源:經國七海文化園區)▲Image Source:Ching-kuo Chi-Hai Cultural Park


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