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Keelung River Bicycle Trail 基隆河左右岸親水自行車道

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Thursday:open 24 hours




The bikeways along the left and right banks of the Keelung River can be accessed from the Lin An-tai (No. 10) Evacuation Gate. The two routes follow the riverside with guide signs along the way introducing the history of the Keelung River. The route also passes by Dajia Riverside Park, a lush green area created on reclaimed land. The section of the park between Zhongshan Bridge and Dazhi Bridge is especially visit-worthy. Time your arrival for the evening to enjoy the beautiful water and light show at the "Fountain of Hope".


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Family、Campus teaching、Cyclists
Suggested Months for Visiting
All year
Hydraulic Engineering Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government
Phone Number
Keelung River Bicycle Trail, Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

Opening Hours

Sunday open 24 hours
Monday open 24 hours
Tuesday open 24 hours
Wednesday open 24 hours
Thursday open 24 hours
Friday open 24 hours
Saturday open 24 hours


Notes:1.Length: Left bank: 18.1km; Right bank: 17.6km.
2.Riding time: Left bank (incl. 5.1km along the water) 75 mins.
Right bank 70 mins. The two trails connect at Dazhi Bridge.


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